For this, I’d like to thank Faker.”, SKT Faker: 'My thirst for the title continues to be the same' after eighth final, Hype around LCK superstar Faker’s return to Worlds reaching fever-pitch, Worlds 2019 is Faker’s chance for redemption—and revenge, [Worlds 2019] SKT Faker: “Our biggest adversary in this tournament is no one but ourselves.”, Faker on his first game at WORLDS, respecting Fnatic, a potential G2 Rematch, [Worlds 2019] SKT T1 Faker Sends a Message to EU: "I’m back. ", SKT Faker on having to play from the Wild Card match: "I think it'll help us stay in shape. It would be fun if we meet them, but I don’t mind who we meet. He’s very cute. This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. : How does he match up against Jordan, Brady, Gretzky, Messi and Jeter? Combined with their first-place spring finish, as well as the victory of the ROX Tigers over KT Rolster, SKT qualified to the 2016 Season World Championship on points as Korea's second seed. ", SKT Faker on Recent Improvements: "I think everyone just woke up and got to their senses after losing so much. His favorite member is Seulgi (Kang Seul-gi) and his favorite song of theirs is, Made his first Korean variety show appearance in November 2018 on KBS'. I’ll do my best to improve that coming back to the Knockout Stage. I hope the LCK wins more this year. I also did put on some emphasis on the matchup myself. ", Faker (grinning): “I do want to see Bengi, but I don’t really miss him.”. ", [Worlds 2019] Group Stage overall MVP - Faker, Faker's father on watching his son's rise to fame and worldwide recognition, [Worlds 2019] SKT Faker on Semifinals: "I think that facing G2 will mean that we get our revenge match, so that’s going to be fun. ", Faker Appears On National TV Show In Korea (subtitled Behind The Scenes of MBC's "Radio Star" with Kim Heechul and Jang Saemmool), T1 Faker: "My goal is always 1st place and since I believe we can do it, I’ll be concentrating to win all the remaining matches. League of Legends - Skins & Events in Season 2021 videoLeague of Legends - Trailer Sjekk ut denne traileren for League of Legends, som viser oss 328 fra det kommende rollespill/strategi SKT T1 Faker Describes his Feelings on Las Vegas, Captain Jack, and meeting Bang. Click "Download" button Also you can save/import your selections with 'image code' What does it do? and "It's bugging me like a bug". The FPX skins are first World Champion skins to receive chromas, as requested by FPX. Faker: I used to play Alistar very seriously in solo q, and I’m sorry to hear that such a rumor has been spread. They didn't lose a single game and put up the greatest performance a team has ever had at an OGN tournament. Looking at the past records, KSV should be very nervous", Faker on SKT T1 Ryze Skin: "I thought someday it would come up in ‘Your Shop’. They are also the first skins in the game with shared splash arts. Awarded Best Mid Laner at 2013 Korean eSports Awards. Biography [] Season 3 []. He would be under unimaginable pressure and stress to maintain himself on this summit, to a level that people simply cannot comprehend. ", Faker's year: The Demon King's best plays of 2017, SKT T1 Faker on Having Fans as New Teammates: "Many of my fans joined the team before, so it's not new. Most of the old K roster was removed, except for Bengi and Faker, while MaRin, Wolf, and Bang filled out the rest of the line-up. ", SKT Faker on Rift Rivals: "If we can make our performance as good as it was during the MSI, it would be enough to beat iG and FW. ", SKT Faker on Mid Poppy: "I didn’t use mid Poppy that much in practice. Believes every mid laner should be able to play. We’ll win our next match, no matter what it takes…", KOR Faker: "We all can deliver good individual performance, so that was the focus of the game. ", Faker on stakes surrounding KT match: “I don’t think we were at a disadvantage. At the 2016 Season World Championship, SK Telecom T1 was placed into Group B, along with LMS's Flash Wolves, NA's Cloud 9, and China's I May. After returning to Korea, a rejuvenated Faker helped the team climb back up the standings and eventually win his fifth Korean championship and third consecutive title. El segundo Mundial de SK Telecom T1 fue en 2015 y las skins fueron para Alistar, Azir, Elise, Kalista, Renekton y Rize.Aunque Azir no entraba en el primer corte, los aficionados pusieron el grito en el cielo por la falta de reconocimiento a Lee 'Easyhoon' Ji-hoon y desde ese momento son seis los aspectos de campeones del mundo. The winning team was SK Telecom T1 and the player who used Jhin was called “Bang.” Faker likes penguins, changing his twitter profile picture for the first time since 2013 to a picture of himself visiting penguins at an ocean park in Shanghai in December 2019. Regardless, in the playoffs, SKT beat both CJ Entus and the Tigers - without Faker even starting for a single game against the Tigers. We became close to each other, really quickly", Top 5 champions Faker should play in 2019, Interview with SKT T1 Faker: "I’m kind of growing sick of playing Lissandra, but at the same time, there is a positive side to it since I don’t have to reveal too many of my cards", The top six “What If?” moments of Faker’s career, Faker vs. Has the monikers "Unkillable Demon King" and "Faker Faker Playmaker". I hope you all cheer for T1 a lot next year as well. One of four players to have defend their World Championship successfully. [Interview] Faker and Deft Are High School Friends?! With a 13-5 scoreline in series, SKT placed second in the round-robin, beating KT Rolster via game score tiebreaker. It does put pressure on me, but it also motivates me as well. ", SKT Faker: "Wolf does a lot of research in jungle. Reached 1000 kills in the LCK on July 11, 2016. True Damage - GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) League of Legends. Usually responds to a stream donation message of "I love you Faker" with an "I love me too". [15] In March, SK Telecom attended IEM Katowice despite being only the sixth-place LCK team at the time. ", 별들의 전쟁 시작! ", The Top 10 Faker Plays in Competitive League of Legends, SKT Faker on the Losing Streak: "I had a hard time, I even lost weight. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was pulled out of solo queue by the SK Telecom organization so that a team could be formed around him in the mid lane.Ultimately they settled on Impact, bengi, Piglet, and PoohManDu to surround him and the team was unveiled in February of 2013, dubbed SK Telecom T1 2.They qualified for their first OGN at OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013. And SKT finished second in the season overall, with an 11-3 record - one game behind the Tigers. 4. After the Mid-Season Invitational, SKT bounced back and won the regular season of Champions Summer, dropping only one set along the way - though it was the set that would have made them the first team worldwide to clinch a Worlds seed (they ended up clinching their seed when the GE Tigers lost their very next set as well). ", Faker on SKT's chances this year, midlaning in an Ardent meta, advice for fans to improve their play, Faker on worlds hype video and the use of the SKT Ryze skin, SKT T1 Faker, Huni: "If it isn’t a moment where I make a mistake, I don’t get tilted or stressed at all. They lost in a tiebreaker for the 2nd Korean seed to worlds, again to White, by being swept. ", SKT Faker, "Our goal is to win all matches in the second round of the summer split. Don’t forget my birthday”, SKT T1 vs CJ Entus MVP Interview with Faker & Blank, Opinion: Faker and Smeb are the kings of the game, The Mind of the Greatest: Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, Jungle is the New Mid: Tracking Faker's role on SK Telecom T1, Faker: '[G2 was]...havingfun with the game so I also decided to have some fun with my item build', Faker credits the other regions' MSI success to their strong team-fighting skills, Faker on the FW vs. CLG series: 'Both teams have different styles...I think the odds are 50/50', Junior year: Faker's achievements vs. LeBron, Messi and more, Faker: “I’ve been trying to have some other hobbies since I only play games, but I’m too lazy for that.”, Why Afreeca? The winning team was SK Telecom T1 and the player who used Jhin was called “Bang.” Select your skins. League of Legends champion skins. ", T1 Faker talks about entering the new season, playing without spectators, and Sett, Faker on being compared to BTS and Parasite, his responsibility representing esports | Ashley Kang, T1 Faker: "I believe that I'm currently the best in the LCK. The 1st player to reach 1000 kills in the LCK. SKINS YOU CAN OBTAIN FOR FREE VIA HEXTECH CRAFTING. These skins only appear in the champion's information tab if you own them. SKT was placed in a group at worlds alongside EDG, Bangkok Titans, and H2k Gaming. I think it fits me well, especially when I recently had 0 deaths. ", Faker thinks it’s odd that he and his teammates are succeeding despite being “quite old”, SKT T1 Faker on Zed: "He’s viable now and if the circumstances let us, he might get picked. ", Faker on SKT T1's Daily Schedule and Importance of Sleep, SKT Faker on Maintaining the Winning Streak, Why Gaining More Damage is Important, and the Best Sylas Player on the Team, SKT Faker on the Pre-game 1v1s: "I think the editor is sending out only the 1v1s I lose. Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), MAX, Henry) Worlds 2020 - League of Legends, LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2014 - Fnatic, LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2015 - SSW Skins, LoL Login theme - Chinese - 2014 - SKT T1 K, Warriors (ft. Was both the Season MVP and the Mid Lane KDA leader in the, Known for his amazing soloqueue performance with. Other Teams In Organization (Click [Show] to the Right), [LOL STAR] SK텔레콤 T1 '페이커' 이상혁 "'앰비션' 넘어 서겠다" (korean)][ (English Translation), Faker(LeBlanc) in OGN LOL Champions Spring 2013, SKT T1 Faker's INSANE Zed play vs KT Ryu's Zed, Cloth5 Interview with SKT T1 Mid Laner Faker (video), Faker on his Attention from the West and Thoughts on Other Teams (video), LolKing's S3 Worlds Coverage - Interview with Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok) (video), Off the Rift: Faker talks semifinal win against NaJin (video), Faker talks about match against NaJin and soloque vs HotshotGG (video), When God (Faker) Plays Orianna - League Of Legends, Faker discusses SK Telecom T1's performance at Worlds (video), SKT T1 Faker - Riven vs Shyvana & Katarina + Sona - KR Solo Queue, [Faker's Best Pick]In LoL Champs 2013 - 2014 by Ongamenet, SKT T1 Faker Yasuo Highlights 2014 - UNSTOPPABLE, Azubu Minis Episode #1 - SK Telecom T1 K Faker, Remembering the Hard Carries of 2014 - featuring Dade, Shook, Alex Ich, Faker and Bjergsen, Best Moments of SKT T1 Faker - Season 2014 Montage - OGN, AllStars & Stream Highlights - LoL, Young professional gamer leads e-sports popularity, Faker impressed by NA mids, Easyhoon agrees—in Bjergsen's case, at least, Faker and MaRin press conference: "I think [Febiven]will become a great player", Faker Mid-Season Interview: "AHQ and EDG tend to group more, but we spread out and take more CS", Faker om Febiven: "I think he's a player of great potential", A God and a General: an in-depth look at the rivalry between SKT's Faker and EDG's Pawn, Faker on MSI, Piglet and Impact in LCS, Easyhoon, and an English Message for Fans, The best there ever was: how Faker's diverse champion pool makes him the game's most dangerous player, Legends Rising Episode 4: Faker & Bjergsen ­ "Kings", Legends Rising Episode 1: Faker & Bjergsen ­ "History", Faker: "Since I can play almost any champion, you can expect a lot from me", Faker on picking Azir and chasing his second World Championship title, Faker Interview: He would put money on a Western team over a Chinese team, Faker talks about Mordekaiser and addresses moving to China rumors, The Final Fight: Season 3 with SKT T1 K's Faker, SKT's Faker and MaRin discuss their upcoming match against Origen and look ahead to 2016, The Evolution of Faker and 2015 SK Telecom T1, The Tale of Two Prodigies: SK Telecom T1's Faker and MaRin, '페이커' 이상혁, "스베누 소닉붐, 확실히 경기력이 좋아졌다" (Korean), “SBENU Sonicboom’s performance has unquestionably improved” - Interview with SKT T1′s Faker, 20-year old Lee Sang-hyeok, his words about the weight of the name - “Faker”, '페이커' 이상혁, "프로겐의 도발, 장난이라 생각...개의치 않아" (Korean), Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok: “Froggen’s provocation, I think as a jest…I don’t mind”, Faker on Duke: 'I think he will be able to fill the holes left by MaRin', SKT Faker, “Variation of styles with the addition of Duke”, “Goal is to Win Worlds” SKT T1 Faker Postmatch Interview, SKT T1 vs CJ Entus MVP Interview with Faker, SKT T1 Faker, “The minimum expectation is that we win a championship”, SKT T1 Faker, “Things will change starting with the next match”, SKT T1 vs SBENU Sonicboom MVP Interview with Duke & Faker, SKT T1 Faker, “I expect to win 2:0 over Longzhu if we improve”, IEM Katowice: Superstar "Faker" im SPORT1-Interview, Faker on SKT's new jungler: 'Blank... is someone who likes to make his own calls', SKT T1 vs Afreeca Freecs MVP Interview with Duke & Faker, SKT T1 vs Jin Air MVP Interview with Blank & Faker, SKT T1 vs Longzhu MVP Interview with Blank & Faker, SKT T1 Faker & Bengi Postmatch Interview (3-year debut anniversary), “Thank you. K was seeded into the finals of the 2014 Season Korea Regional Finals but ended up losing 3-1 to NaJin White Shield and missed Worlds. I want to be more like him in that regard.”, SKT Faker "I want to be remembered as a legend just like Ronaldo. Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. SKT T1 Jhin The Most Majestic Skin This is Jhin’s one and only legacy skin. Skin list will be created. Matched up against Royal Never Give Up in the semifinals, SK Telecom started to regain their form, beating them 3-1. Currently, the only champions with multiple team skins are. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok (Hangul: 이상혁) is a League of Legends esports player, currently mid laner and part owner at T1. ", SKT Faker: "The most important virtue of a teammate would be flexibility. 1팀 2팀에서 'S'와 'K'로! ", T1 Faker: "There are a couple surprise picks in my pocket, so if the stars align, I might pull them out. Skins Legado As skins Legado são relativamente raras porque nem sempre estão disponíveis para compra na Loja. These skins sometimes incorporate the. ", SKT Faker: "I had thought that individual performance was the most important. Yet, he overcomes it and always does his best. If anything, I thought we would be more mentally relaxed than them.”, Faker comparing this split to spring 2016: “I think I have a lot more concerns this split.”, Interview with SKT T1 Faker: “I pay penalty charges for cursing and being late a lot”, Faker on SKT's Prominence in Bo5s: "Our experience of frequently playing on "big" stages plays an important part. December 2, Team is formed as a single team. Making the iG 2018 World Championship Team Skins - Behind the Scenes. Today’s win is just a step to reach there. SKT Faker: "Lissandra is good because I can look after my teammates when they’re not doing well. If Faker had to swap to another role, he would pick Jungle. Is a fan of K-Pop girl group Red Velvet. The 1st player to reach 2000 kills in the LCK. Febre no mundo todo, o jogo eletrônico League of Legends tem alcançado aos poucos um nível de importância mundial no cenário de "Esports" atual. ", [LCK Media Day] SKT Faker: "In MSI, we lost to G2 five times. They went undefeated all the way to the finals, beating AHQ e-Sports Club and Origen in the playoffs along the way. Hired Gun Lucian during game 3 of SKT vs KT Rolster, in the LCK Summer Split. Other series have two versions, putting the champion position to the right side of the splash., Worlds Collide - Worlds 2015 Opening Ceremony Berlin, Worlds 2017 Spawn Music (Legends Never Die), All of theses skins represent the symbolic aspects (or most played champion during Worlds) of each winning player of a team for the respected World Championship year. However, nowadays, it's a lot more strategical -- there is a lot more to think about. ", Faker on Rift Rivals: “I don’t have a player I’m particularly wary of since I’ve faced all of them before, so I think I’ll be able to comfortably compete.”, Faker on Flash Wolves: "When playing against them, I felt as if I was facing a Korean team. Previously played a game called 'Chaos', also a MOBA, he credits it as a factor in easy transition he had to play League. I’ll do my best to not become a kkondae. One thing I’m sure is that he will get picked before Garen does. You can use this to: ", SKT Khan: "GEN and DWG are the teams that are showing the best performance recently. Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Likes to play MapleStory in his free time. However, during the 2016 LCK Summer Playoffs, they met KT Rolster in the semifinals, where they were reverse swept 3-2 after going up 2-0 in the first two games. 5th November 2015 at 09:11 Reply. Is notable for not using any alternate skins for champions he plays. Today was maybe my first or second time using her. They swept Samsung Ozone in the finals and Faker proved himself as the greatest LoL player of all time after just a year. ", SKT Faker: "I think there was a number of times I should have been picked as MVP... Next time, I’d like to get those MVPs rather than let other players take them. In order for a champion to be eligible for the selection of a team skin, they must be played by the player at least once during the tournament. Exceptions include: Game 1 of the OGN Winter Grand Finals 2013 where he used Battle Bunny Riven. ", SKT Faker, smiling, on how to make League of Legends more fun: “Double the spell damage. ", Faker thought SKT was about to lose to Misfits, Faker on his golden age, hobbies and future, Faker apparently has a monthly allowance of $178, SKT T1 Faker: " I hope to finish the final series within 3 games so I can go eat quickly. ", Faker on Competing Against the Other Regions: "Once our team further grows and win in multiple competitions including this Spring Split, I think that's when I'll be able to discuss that", SKT Faker on the next match against Griffin: “If we are not intimidated... and make a stand, I think the match is do-able.”, SKT T1 Faker: "Griffin is doing well but I think we can still win... We will do our best to prepare for it since we think winning against Griffin will help us make it straight to the finals", SKT Faker: "We made the decision that we don't need to reveal and use too many different's a bit unfortunate that we've only shown a fraction of what we have worked on. Was the 2nd player to reach 500 games in the LCK after. However, the success wasn't meant to last after ManDu stepped down due to health issues and the team picked up Casper. ", Faker: “I think LCK is the best league. Their style is unconventional, so we learned a lot about the strengths of that style. ... SKT T1 SHERRYLOU. Faker the G.O.A.T. ", SKT Faker on 2019 Worlds Phoenix anthem and his redemption arc, Faker says there 'aren't any opponents too hard to face' - plans to attend Kkoma's wedding, Faker says he still has room to improve at worlds, [Worlds 2019] SKT Faker on His Nickname, 'The Unkillable Demon King': "I thought it was childish at first, but it grew on me. ", Faker on Confidence: "Even if we're on a losing-streak, we're still SKT. Find and rate your favorite LoL skins for every champion. I’ll beware of all of them. ", SKT Faker: 'I'd like to win the LCK championship again, it's been a while'. Rookie is the worlds showdown we all want to see, SKT Faker: "I’m aware that I’m known worldwide. They represent the color scheme of the jerseys FPX wore. Faker crushed the competition and the team put up an impressive 15-3 record across the tournament, culminating in a one-sided final where they beat Royal Club 3-0 and became the new world champions. ", [All-Star 2019] T1 Faker talks about the new roster and meeting Rick Fox: "he was really tall and really good looking", Faker on friendship with Tyler1, adopting a penguin, T1's 2020 roster (Korean), Faker on playing with Rick Fox: 'Even if he said he was nervous, it was fun to play with him', [KeSPA Cup] T1 Faker: "Happy New Year’s to everyone for 2020. Widely renowned for his deep champion pool and understanding. Their spring season championship qualified SK Telecom for the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. ", SKT T1 Faker-Bang: "I counted on Blank to save the day. The Invictus Gaming skins are the first set to break this tradition. ", T1 Faker: "There’s a French expression, “Noblesse Oblige”, and I wholeheartedly agree with the principle of that expression. A stubborn player can ruin the team atmosphere.". The chromas are exclusive to the FPX Signature Edition Set bundle. ", T1 Faker: "It feels like Gen.G has this mental barrier against us. ", First press conference with Faker after becoming part-owner and franchise star of T1 | Ashley Kang, T1 Faker on becoming partial owner: "It means that I’ll be with T1 for a long time. Making the SKT T1 2016 World Championship Team Skins League of Legends. In typical fashion, they swept the whole tournament and earned a clean 9-0 record, ending in a dominating final against OMG. This is one of the two “budget” skins on this list. ", T1 vs GEN post-match Faker press conference, thoughts on Twisted Fate/Azir [Korean], Faker on T1's current performance, "We'll win more in the second round" [Korean], T1 Faker: "Nothing matters unless you win the last match of the regional qualifiers. Two weeks after the World Championship, SK Telecom played in the LoL KeSPA Cup. ", Always Surrounded By Danger: Faker's Incredible Plays, SKT T1 Faker: "After losing the third game, I thought we would be sent home. SK Telecom T1 (Korean: SK텔레콤 T1) is a Korean professional gaming team based in South Korea. ", [Worlds 2019] SKT Faker: "G2 Esports reached the quarterfinals as the second seed. Faker continued his fantastic play and led his team to a reverse sweep of the KT Rolster Bullets and earned them a berth at the Season 3 Korea Regional Finals. There, they swept the group stage 5-0 but then dropped two games to the European Fnatic in the semifinals, beating them 3-2, with Faker starting each game. ", League of Legends: 3 Players to Watch out for (MSI Main Event Edition), Faker thinks Western teams look good this season with weird picks like Sona / Taric, SKT Faker: "I think having lost early on was actually beneficial for the team in the long run. ", Faker on new roster: ‘We were a calm, strategic team - next year we’ll be a shouting, excited team’, Faker on rumors his contract was worth $2.5 M: 'It was an offer worth staying in Korea for', Faker on the thought of fatigue: “I’m still young so I’m not lacking in stamina, and though I do not work out I always stretch before practice and take health supplements such as vitamins.”, Faker on his thought process: “I think about 80 percent of my thoughts is gaming related. Imagine Dragons) Worlds 2014 - League of Legends, Ignite (ft. Zedd) Worlds 2016 - League of Legends, Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) Worlds 2017 - League of Legends, RISE (ft. Faker vs Ambition : Will the Shutout Record from 2017 Continue? This made Faker one of only three people (the other two being his coach kkOma and Bengi) to have won the World Championship twice. Faker went on to state that this was a mistake as the OGN staff check the players accounts before the games, and the tester of his account selected the skin - which Faker didn't notice in Champion Select. It’s important not to lose yourself in the emotions from success and failure. They ended their group stage with a 6-4 record, seeding them into the bracket stage in fourth place. "What is the total rp of my skins?" ", Faker's desperation became his undoing, but his teammates have to take the blame for placing him in that position at all, SKT Faker: "It might be because we're still in the preseason, but Zoe seems pretty unbalanced right now", Faker: “My goal is to get past the preliminary round.”, KR All-Stars Faker and PraY: "Since there were a lot of kids in Disneyland, the atmosphere was really bright. Faker's dominating performances put him in the conversation for best mid laner in the world after just one tournament. Faker played 12 unique champions in his 29 games, innovating mid lane Irelia, a pick that would become a relatively popular off-meta pick around the world, and Master Yi, a pick that would not. I remember the last time we weren’t able to win the championship...", SKT kkOma: “Faker has stayed as a top mid laner for such an extended time. Honestly, I'm not confident enough, I'm not sure that I'll do well again", Faker on the Changed Meta: "I think it’s a good thing for LoL because it seems more like a strategy game than a laning game now. ", Faker: “Living as a pro gamer is like a rollercoaster”, SKT Faker: "I hope Round 2 would be a chance to have revenge against the teams that beat us in Round 1. I intend to go through the kind of self-preservation play style and impact the other lanes.”, SKT T1 Faker on Worlds groups: "Except for our group, I think all other groups look easy. ", SKT Faker: "In my opinion, my Yasuo was at around 70% today. League of Legends: Faker’s Time to Shine Once Again? ", SKT Faker on Zed being recently buffed: “I think we will see Zed appear in the LCK earlier than Garen.”, SKT Faker on how to counter the CC synergy of Yasuo-Gragas: “Just don’t die.”, SKT Faker: "If I play a champion that Clid dislikes, he tends to speak less than he usually does. League of Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ", SKT Faker: "It seems GEN and AF who didn’t have good results last season improved a lot, while SKT and GRF's form isn't at the best yet. This has become a tradition for the series since. ", SKT Faker: "Before going into today’s match, I joked to my teammates that we should win 13 straight games. In the final game of the set, EDG famously left open LeBlanc for Faker - a champion he was until then undefeated on - and counterpicked it with a mid lane Morgana for pawN, running a composition designed to shut down Faker. ", Rookie and Faker face off at MSI in a battle for global mid lane supremacy, [MSI Interview] SKT Faker: "We won't lose easily in a BO5 match", SKT Faker: “Although the result didn’t matter, I feel good stopping IG’s winning streak.”, SKT Faker: "We'll use what we had learned from 2019 MSI to further improve ourselves for summer. ", [MSI2017] SKT T1 Faker: "Match against G2 was hard, my performance also wasn't that good", Faker: “When I heard that Ronaldo would be part of the awards ceremony, I was surprised, and it was a very good experience to actually meet him.”, SKT T1 Faker on the first win in the summer season: "I've been very concerned", Rising from the Ashes: The Living History of SKT T1 Faker, Faker: “I had high expectations for Ever8’s mid laner Cepted because he performed very well so far.”, Faker: “Untara doesn’t say anything no matter how badly the lane is going.”, Faker: “Recently looking at internet communities or comments, I think many people don’t like me.”, Faker: “If we think about what sports is, it can be boiled down to activities that are fun for people, and esports is just a new-age (version).”, Faker on Bang’s punctuality: “I’m late quite often, but Bang is hardly ever late.

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