Example 1 "I started shouting,calling the Cyclops, although around me my comrades cautioned me from every side,But my warrior spirit did not listen.." (Book 9. Get your custom essay on, https://studydriver.com/odysseus-showed-bad-leadership/. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. So Odysseus moved out about to mingle with all those lovely girls, naked now as he was, for the need drove him on, a terrible sight, all crusted, caked with brine they scattered in panic down the jutting beaches. He has decreed that the exiled hero is to return home. Odysseus is crying as he listens to the Phaiakian bard sing about the Trojan War, but he's not just letting a single tear fall: he's weeping like a widowed woman. So, thoughtfulness is clearly another trait of Odysseus that he uses to make him a stronger leader. While intelligence is highly respected, occasionally there isnt much you can do to avoid situations, and you just have to accept your. So warm, Odysseus joy when he saw that shore, those trees. (2019, Nov 18). Odysseus is quick to decide that they should stay even if it meant potential danger. . But fascinatingly Odysseus willingly beds Calypso one more time before he sails away on the raft she allowed him to build. That is what I'm called by my mother and father." Quote regarding Melantho's behavior "Melantho of the pretty cheeks jeered at him outrageously" Quote regarding the Cyclops prayer of revenge "Grant that Odysseus.may never reach his home in Ithaca" DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO SAVE YOUR CREW: Odysseus showed signs of good leadership when he saved his men from the Lotus Eaters. Line 660). Let us know your assignment type and we'll make sure to get you exactly the kind of answer you need. Let's start by finding a writer. What quotes show how Odysseus is a good leader? ", "what a heart that fearless Odysseus had inside him! The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 490-497. Agamemnon has had a dream and is confident the gods are now on the side of the Achaians against the Trojans; he decides to test his army and announces that they are free to go home if they wish. Odysseus is a Leader The examples that will presented will illustrate that Odysseus hubris, risk taking prowess, and at times unwillingness to follow instructions often placed his crew in danger as he journeyed Ithaca. As a man will bury his glowing brand in black ashes, off on a lonely farmstead, no neighbors near, to keep a spark alive no need to kindle fire from somewhere else so great Odysseus buried himself in leaves and Athena showered sleep upon his eyes. " This is perhaps the most famous example of leadership by Odysseus. First, he discloses the disturbing information to his men, so they know as much as he does about the fate that awaits them on the sea. She is mortal after all and you, you never age or die Nevertheless I long I pine, all my days to travel home and see the dawn of my return. The first trait is that he is a very arrogant person and this often puts him and his men in danger. He is a valiant warrior, but he is most known for his skills as a wise orator as well as his wiliness (craftiness, slyness) in using words to make things happen. Generally I think Odysseus is a good leader because he saves his men more times than he lets them get killed, for example on the island with Polythemus. Odysseus had what it takes to be a good leader because he was intelligent, fair and fearless and he supported and did not do anything that would blemish his men's courage. They said dreadful danger/ lurks there for us. However, Odysseus did not disclose any information to his crew. In order to save his men, Odysseus, drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches, and called the rest. An important figure in Greek mythology is Metis. In a simile it is compared to a shield rising over the waves. What are the worthwhile causes for fighting a war? He sings the praises of the brave and cunning Odysseus, credited with the idea of using the horse to deceive the Trojans. Odysseus was a weak leader and his lack of vision in not seeing the strength and possibilities in his men combined with his inability to effectively communicate to those around him ultimately led to his failure of not being able to safely deliver his men back to Ithaca. Odysseus is saying this to himself after being wakened up by a group of young Phaeacian girls playing ball. In the end, Odysseus and his crew avoided the Sirens because all of his men listened to him. You seem no fool to me. Odysseus knew that he would encounter this monster because Circe warned him about her. More fearsome, is it now, than when the kyklopes penned us in his cave? 450+ experts on 30 subjects ready to help you just now, Odysseus exemplifies adventure, courage, and the values of the Greeks, is Odysseus a hero? All rights These quotes prove my claim because Odysseus played a trick on Polyphemus that worked out in his advantage to get out of the cave that he was trapped. Their response is not what he expected: they cheer loudly and head back to their ships, eager to go home rather than finish fighting the war they came here to fight. Let's fix your grades together! This is perhaps the most famous example of leadership by Odysseus. If I wait out a long tense night by the banks, I fear the sharp frost and the soaking dew together will do me in Im bone-weary, about to breathe my last, and a cold wind blows from a river on toward morning. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, however, what gives someone the title of a good or bad is decided by the decisions they make and how those decisions affect others. The other name of the suitors mentioned by Homer in this epic poem include: commons.wikimedia.org Eumaeus, Odysseus's trusty swineherd, is reassuring Odysseus that the suitors will be punished for their bad behavior, because the gods frown upon mortals who flout the kindness of hospitality. The Odyssey, Book 1, lines 57-60, 65-68. While Odysseus longs to return to his wife Penelope in Ithaca, the bewitching goddess Calypso holds him back. He also tries to bring home his comrades, but fails. Od. Odysseus was quick on his toes, he said "'Cyclops, try some wine. In the Iliad, whois responsible for the death of Achilles and who helps him? This is despite her maids fleeing at the terrifying sight of him. You least of all I know we're born and reared without the gods' good will." -Athena. Especially among Gods and Goddesses. Leadership requires a person to lead a group of people and have people obey you, how can that occur if Odysseus men do not obey simple instructions. Already a member? When I had done this I hid it under dung, which was lying about all over the cave, and told the men to cast lots which of them should venture along with myself to lift it and bore it into the monster's eye while he was asleep. One of the reasons Odysseus is an unfit leader is because he puts himself above others. After barely escaping, the Cyclops he placed a curse on Odysseus out of his fury. A Homeric simile compares this to a farmer burying an ember in ashes to keep it warm, so that he can kindle a fire later. In this quote, we see that Odysseus is a cunning planner. 2021 Dec 16 [cited 2023 Mar 5]. If I beg and pray you to set me free, then bind me more tightly still.". Tricking Polyphemus into drinking the wine, sharpening a huge tree trunk into a spear, and driving it into the eye of the cyclops shows not only slyness but strength and leadership. For instance, Odysseus speaks with Circ and discovers that their journey ahead will not be easy. Two character traits define Odysseus and shape his poor leadership style. The goddess and nymph Calypso keeps Odysseus as a sex slave on her island of Ogygia for seven years. However, they Cicones attacked Odysseus men and killed 72 of them. No, on a lashed, makeshift raft and wrung with pains, on the twentieth day he will make his landfall, fertile Scheria, the land of Phaeacians, close kin to the gods themselves, who with all their hearts will prize him like a god and send him off in a ship to his own beloved land, giving him bronze and hoards of gold and robes more plunder than he could ever have won from Troy if Odysseus had returned intact with his fair share. And how did his struggles end? When Odysseus and his men are stuck in Polyphemus's cave Odysseus tricks him into drinking a lot of wine so he falls asleep so they can make a plan to get out alive. Odysseus also told them that Zeus would help them survive. So the man prayed and the god stemmed his current. This shows how powerful a woman Penelope is. This is an epic simile, another characteristic of epics in which the writer spins really elaborate comparisons. Odysseus was given advice from Circe that said not to try to fight Scylla even when she takes six of your men, but Odysseus tried to fight her and he lost . Here, take this scarf, tie it around your waist it is immortal. This shows that he prioritizes himself over his men and is clearly selfish, a quality good leaders should not have. Log in here. Orders: Line 223-301). For example, when Odysseus and his men are heading to the sirens Odysseus states you are to tie me up, tight as a splint (Homer 1005). But they themselves- in their depravity- design grief greater than the griefs that fate assigns." Homer, The Odyssey 228 likes Like "Ah how shameless - the way these mortals blame the gods. Scylla was a huge monster that had twelve large legs like tentacles and 6 heads with fangs. But listen to me now./ Tiresias and Circe both insisted/ we must avoid the island of the Sun, the joy of mortals. What makes a good leader? The Odyssey, Book 6, lines 142-153. According to Helen's description, Odysseus is the son of Laertes (a well-respected . Odysseus is meeting with Tiresias (a blind prophet) to learn his future. She says that he is being held captive on an island by the goddess Calypso, who is trying to wipe out all thoughts of his homeland. He always looks out for his men and encourages them to keep moving forward when hope disappears. Therefore I led them back to the ships weeping, and sore against their will, and dragged them beneath the benches, and bound them in the hollow barques. He compliments her beauty and compares it in a metaphor to a blooming flower. The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 538-545. In another instance, he ensures his crew's safety from the sirens who try to lure them away. We respect this quality in a person because with leadership a person can lead a group of people and, However, examples within the literary narrative of the Odyssey leaves the discussion open with regards to his leadership. He told them to hug the shoreline of the cliff and to keep rowing so that they do not see the Sirens on the mountain. And seventeen days he sailed, making headway well; on the eighteenth, shadowy mountains slowly loomed the Phaeacians island reaching toward him now, over the misty breakers, rising like a shield. Copyright 2023 IPL.org All rights reserved. Accessed 5 Mar. Instead of killing Odysseus and his men, the hilltop made a big wave that brought the ships back to shore. In the Circe episode, Circe persuades Odysseus and his men to stay with her. When does Odysseus show bravery in The Odyssey? Stranded on the shore of Phaeacia, Odysseus debates where the safest place to sleep is. "The Odyssey" is about a man named Odysseus and his ten-year journey to get home with his men after losing the Trojan war. Unique to Odysseus as an ideal hero as he was a rare intelligent hero Strategy quotes 'quick witted' 'resourceful' 'at every twist of strategy he excelled us all' - Nestor to Telemachus The ideal wife complements odysseus Puts him above other men as he and his wife can work together as a team. ", "You are our messenger, Hermes, sent on all our missions. Quote regarding Odysseus's trick on the Cyclops "My name is Nobody. His prayer is answered. Homer (around 800 and 600 BCE) to show the numerous adventures and experiences Odysseus goes through. The poet asks the Muse for inspiration to learn about the "man of twists and turns" and his arduous journey home. In this epic is four major examples that convey loyalty, which is shown by Penelope, Telemachus, the servants, and Odysseus. 16 students ordered this very topic and got original papers. As Odysseus and his men prepare to face Kharybdis and Skylla, his men are nervous, so Odysseus reminds them "'Have we never been in danger before this? Get your custom essay from professional writers. Odysseus led the squadron of soldiers in the trojan horse and is a hero of the Trojan War and the king of Ithaca. Next, the group was stranded on Circes island and his men were turned into animals by the goddess. His men try and convince him to leave, but to this he ignores their pleas and says Yet I refused. I fear wild beasts will drag me off as quarry.". Having floated in heavy seas for two days and nights, battling Poseidons storms, Odysseus makes this plea for divine help. you sing the Achaeans' fate, all they did and suffered, all they soldiered through, Odysseus showed bad leadership when his curiosity resulted in some of his men dying. Even if Odysseus fought in the Trojan War, he is not a hero because he is self-centered and ignorant to other people's values and needs.There are multiple examples of Odysseus being self-centered, such as not taking people's advice. Without these qualities, a leader is not being the best they can be towards their people. Menelaus is aggrieved at the loss of his comrade Odysseus and laments his fate. He then grabbed one of Odysseus' men "and made his meal, gaping and crunching like a mountain lion-everything: innards, flesh, and marrow bones" on him without regret. ", "Nine years we wove a web of disaster for those Trojans, pressing them hard with every tactic known to man, and only after we slaved did Zeus award us victory. 16 students ordered this very topic and got original papers. The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 515-523. Often mortals will turn to the gods to help them achieve justice, and fear of divine . "Ah great goddess dont be angry with me, please. This essay has been submitted by a student. They must be superior in order to provide as a good figure for others to follow, learn from, and willingly respect. Then, being much troubled in mind, I said to my men, "My friends, it is not right that one or two of us alone should know the prophecies that Circe has made me, I will therefore tell you about them, so that whether we live or die we may do so with our eyes open. He joins the chosen four in the expedition to the cyclops cave and takes the lead in ensuring that it will be a success by preparing the weapon accordingly. Thus, the question of leadership supersedes the topic of Arete. There were other points where Odysseus showed his bravery, like when he travelled to the underworld, and many more. Words 181. During the time Odysseus encounters many divergent tough tasks, he always overcomes many tasks with his men when he encourages them. Latest answer posted September 17, 2018 at 7:55:02 PM. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Odysseus is a good leader in that he uses his wits to get his men out of trouble. Students who find writing to be a difficult task. She falls far short of you, your beauty, stature. He thought of a cunning plan to get most of his men out of the cave they were trapped in. Odysseus proves to be an epic hero in The Odyssey by showing bravery,intelligence and respect for the gods.Odysseus shows his intelligence by having his men tie him up to the mast as they sail past the sirens,so odysseus dont lose his will to get home.Odysseus use his bravery by going past scylla,so that he does not risk losing He is confident that he represents virtue even when a modern audience might not be so sure. In Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus exhibits many qualities that confirm his ability to fit the role of a good leader. But he could not save them from disaster, hard as he strove the recklessness of their own ways destroyed them all, the blind fools, they devoured the cattle of the Sun and the Sungod blotted out the day of their return. Also, Odysseus angered Poseidon by destroying Troy. Related. With our Essay Lab, you can create a customized outline within seconds to get started on your essay right away. Add this to the total bring the trial on!". But he cant destroy you, not for all his anger. Students who find it difficult to write detailed essays. Despair to their enemies, a joy to all their friends. Because of the horrors he has experienced, he worries about what kind of people he has landed among, whether they are savage or friendly to strangers. ", She pitied Odysseus, tossed, tormented so she broke from the waves like a shearwater on the wing, lit on the wreck and asked him kindly, "Ah poor man, why is the god of earthquakes so dead set against you? However, embedded in the story is the inevitably female-centered core of the battle. This is an exception to the patriarchal world of the time, with the woman having the power and the man being her captive. He attributes the Greeks eventual and hard-won victory to the will of Zeus, but also to the cunning of Odysseus. In The Odyssey, it is clear that Odysseus has earned the respect and status of a leader to Ithacas people. He did all of this with only the goal of returning to his beloved family in mind. Only Alcinous daughter held fast. This shows Odysseus as a good leader because he tied his men down to the ship and left the island because he knew it was the best way to save them from the Lotus. First, he discloses the disturbing information to his men, so they know as much as he does about the fate that awaits them on the sea. DONT LET YOUR CREW TELL YOU WHAT TO DO: Odysseus showed bad leadership with his men and Helios cattle. Odysseus forcibly tied his men to the ship to save them from Lotus that they became hypnotized by. All rights reserved. Yes, the terribly challenging circumstances in narrative in which the Odysseus finds himself is a challenge of courage and heroism of which very few would willingly volunteer. These were only some main events in the epic that showed his acts of valor, but they supported his ability to be a good leader nonetheless. En route, they unknowingly stopped at the island of the Cyclopes to gather supplies for their long journey home. Ultimately his loyalty to family and homeland is more important than anything Calypso can offer. Like pebbles stuck in the suckers of some octopus dragged from its lair so strips of skin torn from his clawing hands stuck to the rock face. Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy. Unfortunately, Odysseus makes poor choices throughout his travels and his actions often do more harm than good. Odysseus' could not properly feed his men and he could not control them. I wished to see the cave man, what he had to offer- no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends (155-157). Here the narrator describes Odysseus typical day in captivity: weeping by day because he is prevented from returning home, and being an unwilling lover by night. Secondly, Odysseus can be deceitful and not fully communicate the facts of each situation. Hospitality. The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 370-383. This shows that he truly cared about his men and kept their wellbeing in mind no matter the circumstances. When Odysseus and his men go to the island of the Cyclopes, they discover a cave that Odysseus wants to explore. Quotes Odysseus Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns. Let us know your assignment type and we'll make sure to get you exactly the kind of answer you need. 2023 eNotes.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Significant Myths and Structure of the Text, http://classics.mit.edu/Homer/odyssey.html. The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 338-345. Helen is telling the story of how she saw and recognized Odysseus when he came into Troy disguised as a beggar during the war. Stripped of his pride and dignity, a naked shipwrecked Odysseus begs Phaeacian princess Nausicaa for help. - Odysseus. The lack of obedience and respect for Odysseus shows the lack of leadership role that he has between he and his followers. Example 2 "At first, my comrades urged me to grab some cheeses and return.but I did not agree" (Book 9. The Odyssey Quotes and Analysis "Tell me, why do you weep and grieve so sorely when you hear the fate of the Argives, hear the fall of Troy? By clicking Continue, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. At that moment to there shock this Cyclops does not for tray the "rules" of the Gods. In the tug of war for Odysseus heart, it is Penelope who wins over Calypso. They readily address him as their king and leave many responsibilities in his hands. In suffering for that man; for me, in relentless, heartbreaking grief for him, lost and gone so long now dead or alive, who knows? our extensive database of written samples to find the inspiration or research youre looking Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. And now, look, it all comes to pass. Throughout the entirety of The Odyssey, Odysseus proved to be a strong leader for his men in all the ways he worked with problems and carried his men. All that you say is true, how well I know. The Odyssey, Book 5, lines 167-172. Home Essay Samples Literature Odysseus Analysis Of Odysseus As A Good Leader. What is the importance of arete in the Iliad. Launch out on his story, Muse, daughter of Zeus, start from where you will sing for our time too. The Odyssey, Book 1, lines 228-231. 380-381). Stop wasting your time searching for samples! Both of these stories show how fame can interact [], Essentially a tale of warfare, Homers Iliad presents the Trojan War as a traditionally male-focused conflict. Odysseus longs to be back home with her in Ithaca, no matter what trials he faces along the way. Since Odysseus could not control his men and make them not eat the cattle, his whole crew died and his ship got destroyed. In this situation, He was able to use the "magic" inside his head to create this plan that uses his masculinity to escape the cave of Polyphemus. Their own best claim to glory.". Even as he spoke the sun set and the darkness swept the earth. But he is to make the journey alone and on a raft that he must build himself. "Wretched man what becomes of me now, at last? Traits of being a good leader are being determined, being intelligent, and using good judgement. Odysseus sometimes lacks self-awareness when he would kill his men or people just because it was a faster way to reach his goal. And out he stalked as a mountain lion exultant in his power strides through wind and rain and his eyes blaze and he charges sheep or oxen or chases wild deer but his hunger drives him on to go for flocks, even to raid the best-defended homestead. Latest answer posted January 22, 2021 at 1:12:04 PM, Latest answer posted December 06, 2020 at 10:35:48 AM. We should care about this topic because it is pertinent in our world today. He was emotionally strong and made his crew strong. The Iliad is not Odysseus's story; however, he is certainly an integral part of what happens in it. He encountered and overcame many obstacles that include fighting cyclops, monsters, giants and more. Odysseus is the only person survive from his expedition why because he did not properly protect his shipmates.Let me read this quote "Driven by hunger they ignore Odysseus' warning and eat Helios' cattle". True, but he is the one more blest than all other men alive, that man who sways you with gifts and leads you home, his bride! The more complicated a character is, the more he or she engages these major themes. 14. Odysseus and his crew robbed and killed them on their island. Odysseus and his men will be left for dead. Zeus also warns that Odysseus journey will not be an easy one, but full of pain. They are killed by the god Helios for their reckless action in consuming his cattle. Odysseus is a prominent figure in the story about his journey home after the Trojan War,The Odyssey; however, he is merely a supporting character in the Iliad by Homer . While Nausicaa stands her ground, her attendants run off down the beach in panic. And if a god will wreck me yet again on the wine-dark sea, I can bear that too, with a spirit tempered to endure. All cannot play the king, and a host of leaders is no wise thing. Best Odysseus Leadership Quotes from Odyssey Quotes About Leadership QuotesGram. Hes still alive, somewhere in this wide world, held captive, out at sea on a wave-washed island, and hard men, savages, somehow hold him back against his will. So his destiny ordains. The same men who had been rushing back to their ships, giddy at the prospect of returning home, now become an overwhelming tide of humanity flowing back to the battlefield. , michigan federal judge,