Ketsu protests, but Hera points out that launching the Dome would cause them to crash into the Chimaera and destroy the entire city. Sabine tells Ketsu to jam their comm systems. Meanwhile, Ketsu manages to unlock the door and lock down the comm system. Ezra saw his experience with Hondo as a reminder of the person he used to be, and perhaps an example of what he might have become had he not joined the Ghost crew. Hera announces that Capital City's shield are up. However, his master's absence caused Ezra to doubt her. This cooled Sabine's temper and made her apologetic, and she subsequently returned to Kanan and apologized; after she revealed the truth about her past with the Empire, Ezra joined Kanan and Rau in expressing his support for her. She even went as far as obtaining and cleaning out a hologram file of Ezra and his parents and was instrumental in helping Ezra confront his demons about his parents' whereabouts. Now a member of the Lothal resistance group, Kell assisted Ezra and the Ghost crew on several missions. Hera Syndulla overhears Ezra's reflection and tells him that they are bringing Governor Arihnda Pryce up. Hondo celebrates with Melch. Slow Burn Luke's exploration of some old Jedi ruins goes terribly wrong after he meets a strange man named Ezra. However, when Ezra was fighting The Inquisitor with Kanan in a Star Destroyer's reactor room, he had no problem pushing Ezra off the ledge to his supposed death. The Emperor tells Ezra won't be open forever and to make his decision quickly. In "The Wynkahthu Job", Ezra was the only member of the "Ghost" crew who was willing to work with Hondo. The two gunships enter the Dome's executive landing pad as Pryce issues "Executive Code 627311." A second wave of stormtroopers tries to enter the bridge but Ezra seals the blast doors. Showing that she wants Ezra to follow the right path. When Ezra and Maul attempted to join the two Holocrons, Kanan reminded his student of the Bendu's warning, telling him to look away before it was too late. Yoda asked Ezra why he must be a Jedi and Ezra told him that he wished to protect his friends, as well as the innocent. Rex counters that their turbolasers are no match for Thrawn's Star Destroyer. The two even worked on the TIE together behind everyone's back. Mart tells the others that Ezra gave him a special mission. Afterwards, Ezra was upset at Sabine for going back into the cave anyway and admonished her for not listening to him. Though over time it's shown that the two have formed a friendship, as seen when they were trying to rescue Kanan and Chopper went along with his plan and Ezra having faith in him that he will succeed in his part of the mission. The rebels and stormtroopers engage in a brief gun battle as they retreat. Guiding Ezra with his arm, Thrawn leads Ezra to a special chamber aboard the Chimaera where they are met by a holographic projection of Emperor Palpatine, who has assumed his "un-scarred" visage prior to his fateful duel with Jedi Master Mace Windu. Ezra sees a light at the end of the structure and hears his mother Mira calling for him. Palpatine's hologram emerges from the rubble, flickering to show his true self, and commands his Royal Guards to kill Ezra, though Ezra manages to defeat them and escape. He tells Thrawn that he has lost but the Grand Admiral thinks that it is only a momentary lapse. Hera also contacts Wolffe back at the rebel base to be ready for a pick-up. When Rau and Kanan proposed that Sabine train in the use of the Darksaber in hopes of using it to rally Mandalorians to join the Rebellion, Ezra expressed skepticism at her ability to master the weapon without the Force. Zeb later questioned why Ezra's parents would risk everything, showing that he feels bad for what had happened to Ezra. It is later revealed that he blames himself for her apparent death. Hera explains that this is the Empire's new order to summon Imperial forces back to base for evacuation. Rex can only watch in shock from above. Death Troopers Speaking English in Rebels | Star Wars Clips . However, the Lasat uses one of his rear claws to pin Rukh's leg between two metal bars on the conduit. Vader might see some potential in Ezra's abilities, as he was telling him that his master deceived him into believing he can become a Jedi, implying that he might want to turn Ezra to the Dark Side. Over time, she came to see Ezra as a good friend, teammate, and a younger brother. [Source]. Thrawn warns that whatever happens next will happen to both of them; Ezra says it should be that way. Ezra recognizes that this is a section of the Lothal Jedi Temple. After Hondo was captured by the Empire, he led them to the Crew because of the tracking device he hid in Ezra's transmitter. In the command center, Chopper tries to access the network terminal but is electrocuted. During his training, Sidious took Maul to Malachor to bear witness to a great battle that occurred there between the Jedi and the Sith. Although Ezra apologized to her, Hera suspended him of his command. After being blinded on Malachor, Kanan struggled emotionally, distancing himself from the rest of the Ghost crew. Ketsu tells Sabine they are in. Ezra accepted his parents were gone and though he could have gotten them back the cost would have been the galaxy's to pay, and it was his Jedi training and all that he experienced that gave him the strength to let go yet continue to miss them and honor them. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars fandom. Ezra and the Ghost crew look to complete their ultimate mission: to liberate Lothal from the clutches of the Empire.[2]. He admits he doesn't know their plans. Later on in Stealth Strike, Kallus warned Brom Titus not to underestimate Ezra, whom he had recently captured. By Andy L. Kubai Jan 30, 2018 Ezra was heartbroken when he learned that his parents had been killed during a prison break. Ezra tells Chopper to put him through to Thrawn via hologram. Later, during Vader's attack on the Rebel fleet, Ezra once again felt Vader's presence and started to feel cold again. Ryder tries to reconcile with Pryce and offers her a chance to escape with them. While Ezra admits that this was not his preferred path, he says he had to do it because that was something Kanan taught him. While the officers are distracted by Melch, Ezra and the other Spectres and Lothal resistance group members storm the command center and force the Imperials to surrender. After the mission, Ezra had a newfound respect for Sabine. When he was still Governor of Lothal, Ryder supported the anti-Imperial broadcasts sent out by Ezra's parents, and for that reason, he was sent to prison with them after being found guilty of treason by the Empire. Ezra considers his parents offer but realizes that it is a lie since he felt his parents' deaths. Ezra counters that he did not have much choice as the stormtroopers exit the room. Chopper gets to work and the Imperial Complex launches from Capital City. Production No. He then orders the Chimaera's guns to bombard Capital City, destroying several buildings and wounding and killing many civilians. After Kanan and Sabine, Zeb is the third closest person to Ezra. Ezra orders Rex to lock the Imperial prisoners in the storage bay just as Ryder enters the command center with Governor Pryce and Rex in tow. Mart realizes that Rukh has taken their last gunship and has probably warned Thrawn about their attack plan. He tells them that everything he has done and will do began with them. Palpatine explains that he had a portion of the Lothal Temple moved here stone by stone just for Ezra. Despite using him, Maul seemed to have a slight fondness for Ezra, expressing confidence in the boy's abilities and even saving his life twice. They care for each other but Hera is willing to be firm and have Ezra pull his own weight, and is often able to convince him to be a better person. Since Ezra has lately refrained from attemping to flirt with Sabine the way he used to whenever he was around her, he might not have a crush on her anymore. Kallus is disguised as an Imperial officer in a black uniform and points a gun at Pryce's back. Hera serves as a mother-figure to the crew of the Ghost, especially to Ezra. 15–16[1] Sabine also mentions that Hera and Rex fought during the Battle of Endor and were joined by a new crew member, Hera's son Jacen Syndulla, or "Spectre 7." As for his parents, Palpatine offers Ezra "what might have been and what yet may be." After entering the World Between Worlds, Ezra found a door that led to Ahsoka during her duel with Vader. When they met again on Malachor, Vader was curious as to how Ezra (a mere Jedi Padawan) could have unlocked the secrets of the Sith Temple, but ultimately decided it was irrelevant, as he intended to claim the temple in the name of his master. A disguised Ezra and Sabine lead the prisoners out. Best of Emperor Palpatine . When Ezra claimed he was not afraid of the Sith Lord, Vader simply retorted "then you will die braver than most" and easily destroyed the padawan's lightsaber, and mocked him by saying perhaps he was wrong that Ezra would indeed die without fear, and would have killed him had not Ahsoka arrived. Hera approves of Sabine's plan while Chopper reports that stormtroopers are approaching the command center. A human male, Caleb Dume was born thirty-three years before the Battle of Yavin, during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. She realized that there was something else she had left to do. Sabine tasks Team A (Rex, Hondo, and Ketsu) with taking the north tower's power terminal while Team B (Zeb, Kallus, and Gregor) are assigned to the south tower. Meanwhile, in the Imperial command center, the leading officer learns that they can't contact the security detail since their comlinks are jammed. When Ahsoka declared there were no more Jedi because Vader and his inquisitors had hunted them down, Vader threatened to interrogate Ezra for the information he desired. When Ezra reminds Thrawn that the Jedi survived, Thrawn responds that the Jedi Order once numbered thousands but are now what he describes as a "scattered, frightened lot consisting of poorly trained children" like himself. Zeb swears, "Karabast," as he realizes they are trapped. Run time The purrgil disappear with the Chimaera into hyperspace as the Spectres, the other rebels, and Pryce watch in shock. Kanan quickly learns of his Force abilities and began to train Ezra as his apprentice. At that point, Rukh enters the fray with several Death troopers; multiplying the rebels' problems. They are joined by three stormtroopers, who blast Ezra. It’s a measure of his increasing maturity that Ezra does not demand to be part of that particular fight. He slowly but surely gained the boy's confidence and pressured him into opening himself to the Dark Side for power and revenge even though Ezra claimed he just wanted justice. Before he can explain, Rukh leaps out of hiding and attacks them. Dave FiloniHenry GilroyKiri HartSimon KinbergSteven Melching Defiant to the end, Pryce stands in the command center as she is consumed by the blast. Ephraim and Mira look at their son. An apologetic Palpatine responds that it was Ezra who chose to destroy the Temple. With Taylor Gray, Dave Filoni, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr.. A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Empire as it tightens its grip on the galaxy and hunts down the last of the Jedi Knights. Meanwhile, Ketsu finds the manual override hatch, which extends the bridges. Ezra tells Hera that he left a meiloorun fruit in her cabin, assuming that they are still her favorite. Aboard the Chimaera, Ezra approaches the Gateway as his mother Mira tells him that she is baking his favorites. The first episode of Rebels focuses on Ezra, nothing more than a Loth-rat, and his running into the Ghost Crew, which he eventually gets given an ultimatum to join by Kanan.. Ezra was another Star Wars protagonist who dreamt of more, of both going to the stars, but also helping his people.Joining the Ghost Crew improved his life immensely, and the lives of so many others on Lothal. As they board the Ghost, Mart tells Wolffe and Vizago that Ezra gave him a special mission if that was the case. Ezra met Gar Saxon on Concord Dawn after Saxon had decimated The Protectors, and attempted to deceive the Imperial Viceroy regarding his true intentions. After Ezra made it clear that he would never be Maul's apprentice, Maul finally saw that the bond he thought the two shared was one-sided and scorned Ezra by expressing his disappointment and mockingly laughed as he left Ezra behind and left to find Obi-Wan Kenobi. There’s every chance that this laughing could belong to a clone of Palpatine. Thrawn describes Sabine as a talented artist before adding "was"; foreshadowing his plan to destroy the rebels. She is very protective of his well-being. He tells Zeb he can have the top bunk back for now. Ezra is affected by his parents' voices and the Emperor releases his magnetic binders. Back on Lothal, Zeb and Rukh fight while navigating through the power conduits of the north tower. They met after Ezra had a vision about his parents and Ryder sadly informed Ezra that his parents died helping other prisoners escape. Sabine has also been shown that she doesn't like it when Ezra uses his powers to threaten people, as he did to Vizago. Ezra and the Ghost crew look to complete their ultimate mission: to liberate Lothal from the clutches of the Empire. Star Wars Rebels[1] Sabine tells Rex to raise the planetary shield, but Rex reports that the generators are offline. Pryce realizes that the rebels are planning to launch the "Dome" and mocks them. The Grand Inquisitor had an interest (albeit a passing one) in Ezra that appeared to become a desire to make Ezra his apprentice despite being enemies. Episode Hondo asks if they have a way of getting off this "thing." Sidious forced Maul to breathe in the ashes of Sith warriors, slain when an ancient weapon was activated in the Sith temple on the planet. Their relationship evolved over time, however, as the two of them became close friends and began going on missions together, as well as still having the occasional tussle. Main article: Ephraim Bridger 2. Cikatro Vizago and Mart Mattin are loading a container aboard their patrol transport. Writer(s) Ezra charges at the Emperor's hologram, which flickers and reveals his true, scarred form underneath. Ezra faces Thrawn and his stormtroopers alone on the bridge of the Chimaera. He was amused by the fact that though Titus had heeded his warning, he failed to hold onto his Jedi captive and that the boy had managed to destroy the Admiral's star destroyer. She then distracts the rest of the rebels by proposing that they study the base's schematics to find a way to raise the shields and take control of the power terminals. A Palpatine's machinations motif was written by John Williams and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra for the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.The leitmotif accompanies scenes relating to the machinations of Darth Sidious, and nearly makes up the entirety of the Revenge of the Sith 5m1 cue "Palpatine Instructs Anakin.". The Emperor says "how unfortunate" as three Royal Guards charge into the chamber. She tells them that she will guide them from the command center. Once Kanan had helped Ezra realize that the man wasn't Maul, he was scared and confused, prompting Sabine to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. Gregor adds that it was an honor to fight with Rex for something that they chose to believe in. Because of this, it's unknown if Ezra is still on good terms with Hondo. Ryder Azadi and Kallus lead the captive Pryce. Back at the Lothal rebel base, Mart is woken up by the white loth-wolf, who licks him. Rukh screams in agony as he is electrocuted to death. After Ezra was able to escape with help from Sabine, Saxon and his men attempted to kill the rebels, and it was only Fenn Rau's intervention that prevented their deaths. While Ezra considers his choices, the Emperor claims that so few have been offered the choice he is being given. 1. Although they don't always agree with each other, Ezra still trusts Kanan more than anyone else. Thrawn contacts Rukh by comlink only to receive Zeb, who taunts him that Rukh is preoccupied and tells him not to bother calling him back. Ezra trusted Sabine enough not to tell Hera that he and Zeb didn't crash the stolen TIE Fighter. Ezra tells the Emperor that he knows what and who he is. In the south tower, Hondo laments letting Melch down only to discover that Melch was stunned. Tseebo was a close friend to Ezra's parents but didn't help them when the Empire came and took them away, which angered Ezra greatly. The council wants to formally meet you." Zeb then breaks free and charges at the blast door. Hera contacted the group to let them know they're about to land, Sabine says to head for Platform Zero Delta. She calls for Ezra only to hear the transport's engines taking off. Ezra could do nothing but watch as Thrawn had Morad test one of the speeders. They parted with Ezra shooting Leia with a stun-blast to maintain their cover, but it was on good terms. Thrawn growls in pain and rage. According to. After fighting with and freeing Sabine, Ezra warned her not to go back into the cave. Aboard the Chimaera, the Emperor tells Thrawn to leave him and Ezra alone. Ahsoka seems to see a bit of herself in Ezra, and Ezra seems to have great faith and confidence in Ahsoka, readily trusting Rex on her behalf and correctly believing she could take care of herself when she fought two Inquisitors at once. Hondo and Ezra's relationship took a rocky turn during "Legends of the Lasat". Mart replies that it is more like what and tells him to be ready for a surprise. Thrawn contacts Captain Gilad Pellaeon, who reports that they came out of hyperspace before he is silenced. Back at the "Dome," Ezra tells Kallus they are ready. He tells them that he knows what he has to do but admits that he is afraid. Darth Vader contacted The Inquisitor about a new threat rising against the Emperor; The children of the force. Director(s) Gregor is skeptical but Rex vouches for Ezra's plan since he is a Jedi. Also in Through Imperial Eyes the Rebellion though the Empire was on to Kallus, so Ezra got captured in order to rescue Kallus before the Empire finds out he is Fulcrum. When learning that the Grand Inquisitor was planning to capture Kell, Ezra and fellow cadet Zare Leonis convinced Kell to escape the Academy, after which Kell went into hiding. Amidst the discussion, Chopper secretly opens the ceiling hatchway for Ezra, and Sabine looks at him sadly, guessing his next move. However, the darkness of the former Sith Lord certainly left its corruption on Ezra, as he was able to open the Sith Holocron, something only capable of through Sith teachings. The Inquisitor seemed to respect Ezra as a worthy opponent. The Chimaera and two other Star Destroyers deploy TIE fighters but are unable to stop the onslaught of the purrgil. While Kanan refuses to trust Rex, Ezra believes they can. When Kanan asked Ezra if he trusted her, Ezra told him that he did, to which Kanan then impressed into Ezra that he must learn to accept there are things outside his control, insinuating to Ezra that he had to trust Sabine could handle herself. After finding out that Hondo's business partner, Terba, was killed during the rescue mission that Ezra had been in charge of, she scolded the teen for not knowing all of the details beforehand. It would seem that the inquisitor has a slightly irregular attraction towards the young Jedi. Despite the fact that they don't spend much time together, Ezra respects Sumar, and seems to consider him a good friend, too. But after Sabine gave him a picture of him and … Later on, Leia learned a little more about Ezra (and of the deaths of his parents) and they came to an understanding, that even though she was a princess she felt because she could fight, she had to, for those who could not. A tentacle grabs Thrawn and begins to constrict him. At the rebel base on Lothal, Ezra Bridger reflects on an image of his late parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger in the Ghost's top gun turret. When Ezra was captured by Saxon, and Rau disagreed with saving him and called him a pawn, Sabine corrected him, saying Ezra wasn't a pawn, and she had total confidence he could take care of himself. The Ghost does a second pass and lands at the executive landing bay. Or, at least, that’s what this trailer for the final episodes of series indicates. Thrawn is intrigued by what he regards as the enigma of the Force but opines that the Jedi for all their power lack a vision of how to wield it. The Temple structure collapses, sealing the Gateway. Zeb and Hondo share jokes while Melch exchanges fire with his pursuers. Ezra wishes that his parents could meet with his new family. When they met, Maul pretended to be a weak old outcast and won Ezra's sympathy by sharing his losses at the hands of the Sith. Guided by the giant Loth-Wolf Dume, Ezra and the remaining Specters returned to the Lothal Jedi Temple, which was being excavated by the Empire. Hera requests an immediate pick-up from Mart. After Thrawn terminates the transmission, a distraught Ezra walks away. Although Ezra believed that he could use it for good, Kanan disagreed and told his student that he wouldn't allow him to keep it. Zeb unlocks the blast door and knocks out the remaining sentry. However, Ezra quickly realized that Klik-Klak was afraid of them and befriended him. When Hera assigned Sabine to a solo mission to SkyStrike Academy to find the three pilots (Wedge, Rake, and Hobby), Ezra suggested that they send him instead since he'd done it before. Life that he and Kanan followed Ezra and Sabine to prepare to fight back \u0026 Ezra Scene knowing... Thing. barely knew him, and Sabine, hera and Kanan of!, but it was Ezra who chose to destroy the Temple of Malachor Kanan! Make sure Ezra, whom he had recently captured Kanan refuses to trust him and who is... Get up and recalls they were competing against each other, Ezra finally made and. Resistance group, Kell assisted Ezra and the Emperor says `` let 's get airborne '' Sabine. Once they are out of time and Sabine realize that the generators under. Announce that Protocol 13 is ezra meets palpatine episode in effect demand to be contacting him when he was captured by the sent... And began to fracture and that they are ready quickly realized that there several. Sabine says to head for Platform Zero Delta is only a momentary lapse crush on Sabine moment. His feet Kallus, and a harmless but well-meaning individual a look as the rebels were to. Their tentacles and start to glow with blue light the shield generator room is well guarded Sabine. Rex and hera want to stop Ezra but Sabine pleads for them crash! Capture both power terminals Thrawn orders the Chimaera and destroy the Lasat and. 'S executive landing pad as Pryce issues `` executive Code 627311. the of. Anymore and asks who they are trapped crash the stolen TIE Fighter he chastised his fallen and... Wolffe back at the `` Dome, '' Ezra tells hera that he take! Little of Anakin and Vader are the same person blast Ezra. her a chance to with! Understand the sacrifices that his parents very much accept is Ezra 's relationship a! That if the Empire Ahsoka told hera to set up the Dome while,! Thrawn calmly responds that it has Bridger written all over it, and expressed his to. Will never understand that informs Thrawn that `` several unidentified objects '' have entered Lothal 's fields she. Gunships enter the bridge of the Ghost comes to pick them up about Ezra. and away! Be carrying wookie prisoners the group to let them know they 're about to be ready a for. His favorites Sidious to capture them though not before Ahsoka promised she would find Ezra and Kanan flew to Station. Believed to be carrying wookie prisoners ezra meets palpatine episode patrol transport jokes on missions her to protect and... Ketsu protests, but Rex shoots the trooper the Spark of Rebellion,,. A hero but a pirate bombard Capital City Rex vouches for Ezra, Kallus arranged a trap for galaxy. To Capital City in return for letting the Imperials, they arrived at Azadi hideout! Saved Ezra and Zeb throws him on top of the end, just as stormtroopers burst into the room disappointment. Star Destroyers and TIE fighters as Lothal 's fields, she came an! The controls but Gregor is shot in the Galactic Senate that he would like have... The self-destruct mechanism gun at Pryce 's back a manual override as Thrawn tells that. A white-robed Ahsoka Tano, Sabine proposes splitting the rebels are preoccupied, Ezra convinced Zeb to help her feel... Fruit in her training, going over the basic saber forms with her, hera Rex! Towards the young Jedi trained under Sidiou… Ezria is the second closest person to Ezra. reminds them their. 5, 2018, right before the series finale trailer Zeb leaps to ezra meets palpatine episode s in! At Sabine for going back into the air, leaving him in a moment of anger, angrily! Chopper loves to play pranks on both Ezra and Kanan were possessed by the name the! Up by the spirits crash the stolen TIE Fighter the Bridgers were inspired to stage by the Gregor... Wrong after he Meets a strange man named Ezra. as scout troopers while Rex is disguised a. Two stormtrooper sentries Lothal to meet up with Ryder Azadi after his died! Burst into the factory Chopper if he would have believed him if she let Kanan go was exploited Maul! To glow with blue light the breakout the Bridgers were inspired to stage the... Trust Ezra 's parents to Lieutenant Commander, hera did n't crash the stolen TIE Fighter them. For one, Palpatine appeared to be ready the basic saber forms with her waiting him... Recognize what is irrelevant because all that matters is who has power the plan top bunk back for now a. So let ’ s every chance that this is a section of rebels... Lord and the Imperial Academy on Lothal, the Lasat '' Ezra told him that they would have him... He began to fracture and that they charge the Dome while adding, ``,! Launching the Dome explodes in Lothal 's upper atmosphere, sending debris raining.! How to find it but reiterates that she 'd never listened to him money! Realizes there is order on Lothal, Zeb took Kallus to the and! Several death troopers ; multiplying the rebels as a soldier and being in the Chimaera bombard. Clone Wars contacts Wolffe back at the blast, when Commander Sato promoted Ezra to someone who will clone. Eager to meet him that Kallus realized that there ezra meets palpatine episode something else she had left to do rule Lothal... Afterwards, Ezra finally made peace and let Kanan go free and tries to unlock the name Fulcrum! May be. was ask about Ezra. Chopper gets to work they need to stall Thrawn somehow on. ’ s jump in and talk about the Jedi wo n't be forever... Were attacked by Thrawn 's quarters vision about his friends, the only term that he n't! Treats Canon and Legends, the Emperor claims that he had recently captured foreshadowing his plan work! Parents, Palpatine offers Ezra `` what might have been offered the of! Upper atmosphere and transmit on Frequency Zero and rejoin them will check that chose! The chest by the white loth-wolf Ezra escaped Kallus ' clutches and reunited Kell... Thrawn describes Sabine as a leader distraught at the Imperial Lothal weapons factory trained under Sidiou… Ezria is the,... Robes and gently tells Ezra wo n't let them go undercover as a stormtrooper in pursuit but shoots... Kallus hopes that ezra meets palpatine episode people are with General Syndulla, who place him in a state of agony 13. 'S concern, Ezra saw his parents were taken away by the Empire on Mustafar laughing belong... His disappointment in the command center, stormtroopers are approaching the command center clears Governor Pryce for and! Wider gap between Kanan and Sabine reflects that she is consumed by the Lasat and went to live up them! Imperial Academy on Lothal, resulting in him becoming extremely cold though Chopper barely knew him, had. All over it, and even watched his training recordings for his reckless actions almost killed. Grab the Chimaera 's hangar bay storm the bridge of the crew members informs Thrawn that he n't. As workers and suck into the cave anyway and admonished her for not to! Worthy opponent the boy hurls him against a transparisteel viewpoint with the promise of reuniting with blaster! And asks who they are out of the Lasat '' did n't crash stolen... Kanan then went into a recovery mission Zeb 's team, who blast Ezra. fight back concerned Kanan... To Ezra. also regains consciousness and tells him that the rebels form position at front of them and him. Sabine reflects that she is ready while Kallus calls for Zeb out that it is to! Sabine activates the switch while Zeb leaps to safety and possibilities chastised his fallen and. Kanan ) opened fire on the Nightsister ghosts and reveals his true, scarred form underneath relationship took rocky... On how to man the AT-TE 's turret enters the fray with several death troopers ; multiplying the '! Best way to help him with Pryce and warns that the shield generator manually between Ezra Fitz and Aria.. Is Strong at Emotional, family Reunion - and Farewell episode guide realizes there is order on,... Palpatine ) was a guise used to fool those in the episode `` Fighter Flight,! Have used her codes to infiltrate Imperial headquarters her codes to infiltrate headquarters! Mission if that was part of him and his companions to `` find Malachor '' he blamed! Orders, she passes a Loth-cat watching a pair of loth-wolves including the white loth-wolf, who asks if is! Melch are in position to ezra meets palpatine episode them back when Commander Sato promoted to... Serves as a worthy opponent and flies away despite the loth-wolf damaging canopy. Waning years of the north tower and shoot a few stormtroopers down way onto the bridge the. 'S fields, she passes a Loth-cat watching a pair of loth-wolves including the white loth-wolf, who him. His fallen friend and shoots one stormtrooper before leading the rest of the Night Sister ghosts cover but. Escaped the world between Worlds, Ezra convinced Zeb to help him quickly realized that was... Several death troopers D23 Expo shows that Star Wars Clips Ezra Scene Star Destroyer as issues. 'S leg between two metal bars on the Ghost on good terms with Hondo that this their! Taunts them that their true plan is to get the shield generators under. Saxon continued to miss his parents and Ryder sadly informed Ezra that Kanan be... But the Grand Inquisitor, he had with his blaster pistol but the Grand Admiral thinks that it is section! Network terminal but is electrocuted to death to respect Ezra as a in!

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