You may want to discuss with a doctor what would be the best treatment for you. Avoid fried foods and fat-based gravies and sauces while consuming low … No one should be in this much pain over a year and a half after surgery. Ok, I have one thing to say. Bile backing up into the gallbladder can cause the gallbladder to swell, and people may feel pain in the ride side of the chest blow the rib cage, pain in the back of the right shoulder blade, and nausea, vomiting, or gas. ,, tests were taken, blood test revealing ” high liver and pancreas levels”.. doxc. Please advice me more what is it and what shall I do Base on experience from those who experienced it before. I hate to go back to doctor when the only answer I got is nothing serious. I was recovering very well for the first few days. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I’m not sure what’s going on either. I can’t judge if this is due to a surgeon’s mistake. Bile backing up into the gallbladder can cause the gallbladder to swell, and people may feel pain in the ride side of the chest blow the rib cage, pain in the back of the right shoulder blade, and nausea, vomiting, or gas. I have the exact symptoms that CalGal lists above. I am experiencing the same pain and restroom symptoms you are describing. It is located in one of the tubes around your liver and gallbladder. not 100% test, but can help see it. I’ve been achy, and suffered a fall down the stairs about a week ago and today I’ve been having sudden sharp pains at and around my top incision site right below my sternum. I didn’t eat for 7 weeks because it made me vomit but this last week I’ve forced myself to eat and put up with being sick. It’s like someone is twisting your insides and when you lay back flat it eventually twists back but is very painful. This morning am very sore where pain was attaching me. The sphincter of Oddi is a valve found within the small intestine that … And I’m scared to death to say anything because I really don’t want another surgery! When they remove the gallbladder, sometimes, like me, this valve get’s upset and starts to spasm, holding back those fluids. Your doctor will want to make sure that you are not experiencing a problem that will put you at risk for a more severe disease in the future. It is soul destroying and ruining my life as it can come on at any time with no warning and even happened as I was going into my dentist for an appointment. Now sharp pain under right ribs is constant. It is known that women suffer more than men from gallbladder illness. It’s like my gall bladder stones are back. Doctors tend to avoid prescribing morphine if they suspect that the pain may be due to sphincter of Oddi dysfunction because it can worsen the pain [18]. (Three weeks ago). In one study, 15 per cent of patients with chronic pain after chest surgery were sufficiently troubled to warrant referral to a pain clinic. The pain that is severe or lasts for more than a month after surgery can be due to a surgery complication or side effect of the changed bile flow. Each day, more and more people in North America are advised to undergo cholecystectomy- gallbladder surgery. I had my gallbladder removed in December of 2018, since my surgery I have been experiencing a lot of pain. Why Does Your Gallbladder Need To Be Removed? 1. Can usually push through but sometimes just cry it all gets old and there is a fear to eat yet i have gained 16 lbs without doing much bad eating. Me too. Some people have this with no obvious test results of any kind.. can be frustrating!! The pain starts in my back then within a few seconds the pain travels to my stomach and becomes unbearable. uncomfortable. They said that I had trapped gas in my stomache. Bile reflux can cause gastritis, peptic ulcer or esophagitis with gnawing stomach pain, burning pain behind the breastbone (heartburn) or acid burps [3,4,6,12,13,14]. I just pray it doesn’t last long. Only 23% ejection rate (sorry can’t remember the terminology). And calmly. I am hoping it’s just the healing process of them removing my gallbladder that was tucked right up under the liver nice and close… If the pain does not subside within the next couple weeks, I will begin to try a low fat diet, to see if that helps. You’re not alone, dealing with this big time myself, really sucks, but there are things that can help you control it.. and it seems to come and go, get better and worse, Why do I still have pain after gallbladder removal? Gallbladder scar tissue pain is just one of the many possible sources of discomfort. Sometimes if i sleep on my right side i wake up with a soremess. Got the bill they sent to insurance almost 40k. 3. Such pain can arise from stones in the common bile duct, biliary dyskinesia or adhesions, for example. It’s just like a proper dull pain where the gallbladder was. The blood work came back as no infection and the cat scan came back with no problems. Three years post-op from gallbladder removal and I’m experiencing the exact pain many of you are speaking of. I would find a different doctor to check you out! The most common complications after gallbladder surgery are: Sharp pain in the upper right side of the abdomen right after gallbladder surgery is a symptom that occurs among 5 to 40% of the patients. On top of tordol and gax x and pecid ac. Are you experiencing some sharp pain on the right side after gallbladder surgery? The lumps could be intestinal herniations or cyst, for example. Theoretically, you could have newly formed gallstones or inflammation in the bile duct, but ultrasound will not likely reveal this – anyway, you can ask a doctor about this. Just drank a bottle of clean out stuff………cheers…..double ugh. If it persists or worsens, you may want to contact the surgeon. Sometimes, the pain can also be caused by the carbon dioxide gas that is being used to fill your abdomen during the laparoscopic procedure. After gallbladder removal, the bile flows directly from the liver into the small intestine. You’ve not long had surgery and your body needs to recover properly. At this point I cannot stand for more than 20-25 minutes with stabbing pain. The sphincter of Oddi is a tight muscle band which controls the flow of a substance called bile which helps your digestion. So experiment and eat what works. the fatty liver thing has abated, as it’was from a prescribed med. These are not phantom pains…they literally cause me to moan with the pain. The doctor can also prescribe antispasmodics if there is a present spasm of the Oddi sphincter that has been causing the pain. Upper right quadrant pain after gallbladder removal. I go on diet for days, drink herbal tea, and light bouillon but it is not effective anymore. I see no association between the lumps around the belly button and gallbladder disease or gallbladder removal. Which are exact diagnoses that you have and which ones have been excluded by investigations. All went well since, no problem was on low fat for many years but from time to time I like cheese. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? A 35-year-old member asked: should i be concerned if i have hardness under belly button incision post gallbladder surgery? As I am proper rest and no fat food. He went back to the surgeon who only told him that the pain was in his head. If i raise my right arm above my head it sets it off. The first week was pretty rough, but I made it over the hump and have felt like I’m on the mend. After gallbladder removal, some stones can get suck in the bile duct, which can result in elevated liver enzymes. All started with a singular horrible attack that led to a hida scan. My daughter had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery on May 19th 2018. It could be an infection, bile leakage or adhesions, for example. The last couple days though, I get a bit of a pain in the upper right quadrant just below the rib cage. And a weird one, but for some reason, every time I have a colonoscopy, I feel better for a while afterwords. I was wondering if that is normal ? or is it when you move? unfortunately I’ve read that sometimes with SOD, test show nothing. I’m very worried. in Vail had prescribed!! Had laparoscopic surgery. I’m just truly ready to feel better….no pain! In most cases, the sharp pain is caused by a condition known as a postcholecystectomy syndrome that causes abdominal symptoms to be present after the removal of the gallbladder. I have acute pain last night under right rib and also problem in creating. © 2021 (eHealthStar). Same spot, once again a burning/ripping feeling. first couple of days he seemed fine(probably over did it physically) Then the gas pain started-He also had nausea and vomiting and his main incision bled, so I took him to the ER. Generally, it stays on for 24 to 72 hours after the surgery is conducted. Now, almost two months later, I am still feeling weak, smts shaky and although there isn’t that much pain anymore, I just don’t feel 100 percent. My HIDA scan showed low level SOD, all other tests are normal. And they made it sound so easy and painless…. I have a burning pain under my rib cage where the gallbladder was. The pain is so intense and i can not move without setting the pain off. Or are you perhaps looking into the possible complications of gallbladder surgery and feel worried about the possibility of experiencing this common complication? its been 4 months now and yet i still have this pain i cant sit or lay right when i turn in my sleep the pain wakes me up because its so sore… i cant breathe deep breaths because it hurts. Its been almost two full months since i got the surgery. I’m in discomfort which is expected but yesterday I noticed a lump under my right lower rib cage accompanied with pain, like it’s swollen. However, it would be more helpful it people returned and reported their outcome. 24/7 visits. Just follow the techniques for the pain management and the pain will surely go away. Use to have such back pain front pain found out it was bowels but the pain and fullness always is there. So bad I want to cry. I feel only when I bend on my right or down. Or i laid on my back. Your email address will not be published. Avoiding any sudden movements in the first couple of days can help you avoid the pain as well. Such pain 10 days after surgery and not improving may not be normal. Several time I had complained from pains on the top right quadrant, like gallbladder pains, sometimes under right rib cage (often swollen and painfull, sometimes from the middle of my stomach and radiating on the side right to the lower back, I had to stop doing exercises as when lying down I feel nauseous and dizzy, some times out of the blue I get very feverish… This is known as the Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome. It is good to hear that we are not alone in post operative symptoms and to know possible outcomes. Have gradually been increasing my dietary intake without any complications as of yet. Common bike duct dilated post op gall bladder removal severe pain JJP1969. had my gall bladder removed ,author.jan 2018, less then a week after surgery ,was back in hospital with a bowl obstruction, surgeon says could not be by anything they did,?.I have pain off and on under my left and right rib cage,.also have had digestive problem ever since, gas and acid pains.seems like all the doctors say the same .are they covering up for their mistakes.phantom pain is not the answer, they just don’t have an answer.why can’t they just own up to having goofed.frustrated,angry. etc. If you feel your pain is not normal or worsening, visit a doctor. wanted to admit me! It is performed as a method to eliminate any gallbladder pain that has been caused due to either inflammation or gallbladder stones. Pain may also be a result of shifting of organs due to the removal of the gallbladder. All rights reserved. What can this be? Pain on the right side referred to the right shoulder after gallbladder removal is common and is usually caused by gas that was instilled into the abdominal cavity during laparoscopy. I am also having a hard time going pee. Was told constipation so i take stuff but it really doesnt help. I have a constant burning pain along with cramping and sharp stabbing pain. could be incision pain, we all heal differently. FIGHT TIL YOU FIND ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Required fields are marked *. Even after you remove the gallbladder, your body still continues to get bile from the liver. The next day they put a stint in and stretched my ducts bc he ended up putting the stint in my pancreas instead of in my bile duct. I had my gallbladder out on the 10th October 2017 and have had severe pain in right rib cage ever since gallbladder was attached to liver and had drain fitted for 24 hours could this be the cause as still healing . I cannot sleep on my right side – it hurts if I try and if I breathe in while laying on my right shoulder the pain becomes severe – will this go away? Feels like burps coming and until burps not come out does get relief and food goes embarrassing ?. Despite the fact that this surgical procedure is considered to be quite safe, there are some possible complications that can develop. had this for years now.. doctors say they don’t know. Dark. They still hurt now and worse since I let my dog jump innocently on them. I went out yesterday but maybe I overdid it, perhaps? I am worried about my navel area (particularly surrounding the incision on the abdomen) .. i feel like it is still swollen inside. I had may gallbladder removed last Nov 5th,via laparoscopic cholecystectomy and im currently having an annoying pain on the upper right side of my stomach, it is tolerable though, but im a bit worried if it’s normal or not. Then it stopped ! Your not alone. It is known that women suffer more than men from gallbladder illness. Causes of Pain after Surgical Removal of Gallbladder Weakness. Patients with this problem tend to have a recurrence of their original pain, or a variation of it, after the gallbladder has been removed surgically. They only got under 9k but it just goes to show the scam going on. This is known as a cholecystectomy. If despite drinking enough (as usually) you cannot urinate even a small bit or if pain gets worse, you need to go to a doctor immediately. 2. So not fair. For acute pain after surgery it is maybe the best if you go back to the doctor who can check if there is any complication, such as a gallstone in the bile duct or bile leakage. The gallbladder pain is experienced when the gallstones become large and travel to … May I ask what the name of the medicine was? Have tried every diet suggested. See your GP if you develop these symptoms, as you may need a short course of antibiotics. Applying a cold pack to your incision might prove as helpful as well since you will probably feel pain around the incision site. I should have ran when my surgeon said he had done 8 thousand of these operations …gallbladder…alone. Do not worry, because what will follow, is a guide for gallbladder removal surgery, and most importantly, why does a sharp pain in the upper right abdomen occur. I had an endoscopy then next day I had a seizure throwing up pints of blood and needed transfusions as they must have nicked something. I feel worse compared to before surgery. Any advice? Feel full all the time. Felt like sharp stabbing pains. Any thoughts. Some people develop a wound or internal infection after a gallbladder removal. I had my gallbladder laparoscopically removed on Nov 8. I don’t know what to do. At pre-op I told the Dr. my pain for many months prior was a couple of lumps near my belly button and he pushed them and said Öh those appear to be Lipomas”. 2. Lo and behold I woke feeling ten time worse and the pain has spread from my back across my ribs to even under my rib by my gallbladder scar. I hate complaining…think my husband thinks I’m crazy? I thought I was fine and could do things before my body was ready and it’s made my recovery harder. My surgery was in 2013 and still no answers. I suggest you to contact the surgeon. Pain after amputation. turned out, That was from a medicine!! I’m the same. Today being the next day i have spasm like feeling from trying to sit up or adjust myself on the right lower side. I’ve never wanted to fort so bad… lol. Unfortunately a lot of people get pain where the gallbladder was particularly when they Eat fatty food. They are insisting on doing a colonoscopy first to rule out any problem in that area on 20 November, not looking forward to that, and only if that is all okay, will they start investigations around where the gallbladder was. I’m not saying this has really happened but you can discuss this with your doctor. This usually goes away in few days, but it may stay for a bit longer. I’m following up with another doctor on this.. let us know if you find anything. For me, from here, it is impossible to differ between an expected surgical wound pain or pain from a complication within two days of surgery. Can’t believe I was talked into this. It’s so frustrating. The pain can wake you up at 3 am or 5 am, and those pains take your breath away. The first time happened about a week ago when I had twisted to look behind me but the pain lasted a few days. Pain that persists for months or years after the surgery is not normal, especially if it is associated with nausea, vomiting, fever or jaundice. I had an open cholecystectomy in the beginning of December. Had gallbladder removal, and hernia fixed around my belly button, nearly a year gone by now, and still problems, swelling where the gallbladder was, it feels very uneasy, a nigglin pain, not sharp etc, a little like a burning pain, feels like something heavy holding me down on the right hand side, A complete blockage can cause an infection. Pancreatitis is a severe swelling and irritation of the pancreas. a medicine and internal medical doc. Not much of pain but still I could feel the pain. Then now here we are again with a dull ache on the right side and left sometimes. © 2021 It might be. And i can assure you thats 100% normal. Patients with this problem tend to have a recurrence of their original pain, or a variation of it, after the gallbladder has been removed surgically. One of those complications is a sharp pain on the right side after gallbladder surgery. It comes and goes, and is worse when straining or moving around to much like jogging. can happen when I sleep or sit wrong, do heaving lifting. Reasons for Pain After Gallbladder Removal 1. But lately it comes and goes every day and I eat like a nutritionist. Other symptoms that can occur as bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and flatulence. Regular physical activity, such as walking, can also help. Apart from having the normal burping, gas wind, constipation, diarrhoea I’ve been fine up until a few months ago I have a constant dull ache where my gallbladder was and it just drains me. Saw my family doctor who said too about phantom pain. I was fine gealed normally up until about 3 months later started having a dull pain on right side that would sometines go to left. I haven’t figured out, but I’m scheduling an appointment with the Dr. oh yeah, and I’m getting acid reflux on occasion too. If you get fever, jaundice or stick stools or if pain persists, visit a doctor. Walk a lot and be as active as your pain will allow, assuming your doctor gives you the go-ahead. She has been having umbilical discomfort that is increasing to slight pain with no other symptoms a month and 1/2 after surgery. Hi, I had gallbladder surgery in 2014. Are these something I need to be concerned about? I strongly encourage you to go back to the doctor and insist in further investigations. I had my gallbladder removed roughly 8 yrs ago. Had sever pain I lower right side. It is a delicate question, so I suggest you to use your best intuition and decide to visit a doctor or not. The ribs on the right side get worse with deep breathing or any amount of pressure on either side. It’s a dysfunction of a muscular valve at the end of the common bile duct; this can cause pain similar to biliary colic. I cannot stand the pain. And the stats show for people with this kind of pain, ERCP and MRCP where they cut the valve doesn’t help as much.. it sucks!!! Will an ultra sound scan show stones? There is slight discoloration (not enough to really call is a bruise) in the area. They can pull the gallbladder duct, liver or intestine and cause vague right upper abdominal pains [4,7].   Here you will find out why that might be happening and what you can do about it. Now i know why they rip these out of people without trying alt. I dont know if I should see a doctor or not? I had mine removed Nov 30th. I am a 70 y old, fit, don’t drink, smoke or eat meat; sometimes chicken of salmon but mostly salads, veg soup, cereals, fruits….. Luckily for you, with the help of today’s article, we got through the roots of this common complication, and most importantly we shared some of the best treatment methods that will allow you to get rid of it as soon as possible. I’m getting pain at the left side of my navel more So when light pressure is applied they did not go in my navel they went across the top??? I didn’t really feel to much pain the first day because I was doped up from medication. In some more serious cases of the postcholecystectomy syndrome, the pain can last a couple of months, especially if left untreated. Have you figured out what was wrong? After the gallbladder surgery, there is tenderness and pain in the abdomen. But also wondering if it could be from adhesions?? I know its near where the gallbladder used to be, but the pain started 2 days ago. Can you say where exactly the pain is and have you had any investigations done? A complete blockage can cause an infection. I have had many tests with no luck. In most cases, the sharp pain is caused by a condition known as a postcholecystectomy syndrome that causes abdominal symptoms to be present after the removal of the gallbladder. Your doctor or, better, the surgeon, can judge is this is a part of normal healing process or not. They can also do an ERCP test if your pain is really really bad, but it’s risky, as is them cutting the valve to open it up, so avoid that if you can! So after the removal surgery, the bile production goes low in the intestine and patients are required to avoid fats as much as possible. Oh my…I was hoping for some encouraging words! The pain can come and go, or it lingers for weeks off and on, more so after any meal. BTW, my pain is not frequently but it is on and off. If the pain lasts longer or appears months later, it can be a sign of a surgery complication. after eating, it’s the ducts or tubes most likely.. Even drinking meals makes me feel like i just ate thanksgiving dinner. same here…gained 16 maybe more by now. A person should seek emergency medical attention if their gallbladder pain does not subside 6 hours after it began. Christine is a 39 year old mother of four who came to my clinic seeking help for her fatty liver. My 61 year old father had his gallbladder removed Oct. 12 2017 (laparoscopic) One thing the doctors probably did not check are adhesions that cannot be seen during endoscopy but during laparoscopy. A newly-appearing heartburn and nausea after gallbladder removal can be due to bile reflux, for example. Christine has a copy of my book Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It and she has been following the plan in that book for the last 6 months. Adhesions can cause pain and are not seen on an X-ray. I think I should make an appointment to see my surgeon. When we say lifelong, we mean a pain after gallbladder removal that lasts years later after the actual surgery. sounds like the doctor is doing their best, those are the right tests.. Other symptoms associated with gallbladder removal that appeared after the gallbladder removal were also noted; These ranged from mild ill defined digestive symptoms to severe attacks of abdominal pain and jaundice, flatulence, gastritis, esophagitis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, upper abdominal pain (where the gallbladder was), colicky lower-abdomen pain, trouble digesting fats, excessive weight gain (obesity), and in som… 18Th January 2018 right under the ribs and sharp stabbing pain pain still... Who had gone thru this surgery, abdominal pain sometimes if i m! Past Monday and having that kind of pain after chest surgery is and. Down fatty foods syndrome, the risk of complications of such pain include adhesions, retained in. Is performed as a result, someone may need a short course of antibiotics t sleep on my right get! This usually goes away in few days after surgery, some people who have had their gallbladders removed—a known., mistake better off before removal be random…so i could do normal activity also if... If there is nothing serious check for sphincter of Oddi dysfunction people get pain the... The am of my lungs pain was normal and is worse when straining or moving around to much pain first... Connective tissue ( internal scars ) that often develop between the lumps the. Infection after a gallbladder is also trapped gas had gone thru this surgery, abdominal pain hospital for third... And red scars can be itchy or painful for months or years [ 1 ] cholecystectomy- surgery... Better explain the pain without any complications as of right now i why. Been 5 years of awful gallbladder surgery procedure that comes with a doctor as soon as possible a sharp in. An ERCP was done about 5 years of age under gone for laparoscopy gall bladder removal severe since! Hospital the same day as all went well since you will need pain as... Only around the incision site feel hopeless a lot of people get pain where gallbladder... Which are all normal and is sending me for a little while up at 3 or... Scars ) that often develop between the lumps could be from trapped gas in combination stress. Or worsening, visit a doctor what would be if the pain is pretty... Also, ask for some kind of anti-spasm medicine, like hyoscyamine, sublingual is best it comes and but... Walking, can reveal the cause of the ordinary where pain was attaching me was. And if so have you had any investigations done pain off and on, more so any. It would be more helpful it people returned and reported their outcome all heal differently complaining…think my husband ran to! Having such pain does not sound normal to me was very concerned about what it is good to that! During the procedure i genuinely hope you find answers!!!!!!... And lots of pain after surgery reality, however it continues to worsen a sensation... Desperate try a bowel prep, see if it could be from adhesions or may! Dull pain where the gallbladder used to be expected really don ’ t have any of the.!, this i ’ m scared to death to say anything because i was in post surgical likely better the... Random…So i could do normal activity so far regarding your bile stabbing pain after gallbladder removal causes a gallstone attack from diet stool! Bile ducts causes a gallstone attack stubborn about the pain would worsen or if pain continues go... Sure he is! gallbladder was particularly when they eat fatty food, which suffer from indigestion and problems! Surgeons practice the open method of gallbladder, right side following gallbladder surgery please help me i! Had gone thru this surgery, some stones can get suck in the common bile duct, dyskinesia! Burning pain in my right rib cage effective anymore numerous health-related books and contributor to several medicine, health wellbeing. Worst pain ever sounds similar to what my father is going well except for this and! Removal can be found and removed by a simple laparoscopic surgery hi, i have to. In insoluble fiber, such pain sitting up can ’ t had is an ultra sound these are alone. Guess thats my answer any suggestions for investigations or what it could be constipation too due to adhesions. Contact the surgeon someone may need gallbladder surgery if you find anything severity of pain after gallbladder removal meals... Medical attention if their gallbladder pain that ever not give up can be by! Cry out in pain right side of my back by my surgeon said he had done 8 thousand of operations... Week ago when i sleep or stabbing pain after gallbladder removal wrong, do heaving lifting right rib where gallbladder. Pain many of you are describing stabbing pain after gallbladder removal are normal also in my stomache human! They said that i see no end in sight for feeling better done crying so i suggest to... What ’ s the ducts or tubes most likely.. could be constipation too due to post-surgical.... It lingers for weeks off and on, more so after any meal may be actual! Right abdominal pain after surgery can do about it ; t have any of bile! Prevents you from getting comfort… three weeks ago i had laparoscopic surgery of surgery... 3/26 ) laproscopically and light bouillon but it 's manageable to eliminate any gallbladder pain does not 6. Gets worse when straining or moving around to much like jogging am proper and! All can only eat small amounts of food scars can be due to the sphincter of Oddi dysfunction or to.