Visitors are awed by the serene beauty of the Abbey Church, with its harmonious Romanesque nave and ornate high-vaulted choir. Other highlights of Brittany are the pristine sandy beaches, tiny remote islands, and ancient castles. TouristLink also has a map of all the tourist attractions in Europe as well as detailed maps showing tourist attractions in 112 different cities in Europe. 15 Top Rated Tourist Attractions In France The 2018 Guide Planetware The main tourist attractions heritage sites historic monuments national parks and things to see and do in france. Mont Saint-Michel. In France tourism is a major industry. Tourist Attractions In Koh Samui. The city of Brest is one of France's main naval ports - a bit like Plymouth in the UK. If you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop then this is hard to beat. Beneath its heavenly peak is the traditional alpine village of Chamonix, nestled in a high-mountain valley. Indeed, France is the most visited country in the world, by the tourists. Tourist towns in Brittany and other various tourist attractions: Brest: Oceanopolis - Fifty aquariums, divided into three climatic zones, and stocked with over 1000 varieties of fish and marine life from the polar regions, temperate zones and the tropics. Find what to do today, this weekend or in January. Accommodation: Where to Stay in Carcassonne. On February 24, Italian authorities responded to the outbreak of the coronavirus in northern Italy by closing multiple tourist attractions. To see other destinations, please check the images from France section. From the boulevards of Paris to the fashionable seaside resorts of the Côte d'Azur, France offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. France Tourism: Best of France. Website Opened in 2016, the sleek ultra-modern International Centre for Cave Art presents a complete replica (Lascaux IV) of the original Lascaux Cave along with museum exhibits that provide context for the prehistoric artworks. Eiffel Tower. It's impossible to see it all in a day or even in a week. France Facts Tourist Attractions in France. The symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a feat of ingenuity as much as it is a famous landmark. Quimper is a picture-postcard historic town with handsome half-timbered houses, pleasant squares, and an impressive Gothic cathedral. 15 Best Things to Do in Bordeaux (France) Just the name of this glorious city is eponymous with viticulture, and if you’re an aficionado you’re almost duty-bound to come to the home of wine. The most emblematic space in the castle is the Hall of Mirrors, where courtiers waited for an audience with His Majesty. Sylvia Edwards Davis. Covering 2,500 square meters, the brilliant stained-glass windows allow colorful light to filter into the vast nave, creating an ethereal effect. A full page Google map showing the exact location of 3907 tourist attractions in France. Seattle: Top Tourist Attractions Of This Art-Focused City. Strasbourg is the capital and largest city of the Grand Est region of France, encompassing the areas known as Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, and Lorraine. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Not a standard entry on a list of France’s top tourist attractions, we think Nimes Arena … There are magnificent beaches, a large range of activities for the young and the older ones, and plenty of other activities for people of all ages. In the north, Normandy & Brittany have rolling hills, sandy beaches, and quiet little harbor towns. 5. Marie-Antoinette's hamlet originally had a working dairy and farm. Other flower-bedecked Alsatian villages are so pretty that they have been designated as both "Villages Fleuris" and "Plus Beaux Villages de France" (Most Beautiful Villages of France), including the storybook hamlet of Riquewihr, with its quaint historic houses, and the enchanting village of Eguisheim, nestled in a valley. France is among the most popular tourist countries in the world and the country to learn about European history, revolutionary ideas and the French revolution. The light shows are accompanied by music for a truly dazzling presentation. The imperial couple's grandiose Second-Empire-style palace has been converted into the Hôtel du Palais, a luxury hotel featuring a gastronomic restaurant and sensational views of the Grande Plage beach. Ferry boats run from Quiberon, Port Navalo, and Vannes to Belle-Île-en-Mer. 15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in France 1. This quaint little town is filled with historic churches, cozy chalet restaurants, and charming auberges. A medieval town perched atop... 2. Chamonix. Côte d'Azur translates to "Coast of Blue," a fitting name to describe the Mediterranean's mesmerizing cerulean waters. Here we present 20 most beautiful natural scenic places to help them with their visit. Keep reading for more overrated tourist attractions in France and where to go instead. Virtual reality exhibits and a 3-D film help bring the prehistoric period to life. A mystical land of myths and legends, Brittany has a Celtic influence and a dialect related to Gaelic. Off-Road & ATV Trails in France. Opened in 1983, Lascaux II is a faithful reproduction of the Lascaux Cave and its paintings. Only 40 minutes away by train from Gare de Lyon... 2. The vibrant scenery has enchanted many famous artists, including Cézanne, Matisse, Chagall, and Picasso. The palace became Louis XIV's symbol of absolute power and set the standard for princely courts in Europe. The village has seven ancient sanctuaries, but pilgrims flock to the Chapelle Notre-Dame (Chapelle Miraculeuse), which possesses the venerated Black Virgin (Notre-Dame de Rocamadour). Forest of Fontainebleau and Castle – 13.3 Million Visitors in 2019. 1. Tourist attractions in Marseille France including famous streets, buildings, parks and shopping districts. It is also worth visiting the UNESCO-listed cathedrals in Chartres and Bourges as well as the city of Orléans, where Joan of Arc helped defeat the English army in 1429, and the Château Royal d'Amboise, the residence of French kings for five hundred years. There are a multitude of tourist attractions in France for visitors like you and me. Modern-day pilgrims are still inspired by Mont Saint-Michel and continue the tradition of crossing the bay by foot as it was done in the Middle Ages. Download Historical Data Save as Image Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Fascinating ancient ruins and traditional festivals distinguish the town of Arles. This... 2. Tourist attractions The Gitelink guide to Provence ... Reputedly one of the prettiest villages in France, Gordes is a large Provençal village standing on a rocky outcrop above the Calavon valley. Marseille, the generous capital of southern Europe, immediately immerses you in the Provencal culture, where the accent is singing and popular folklore is part of life. Some of the Loire castles are medieval fortresses built on hilltops and surrounded by ramparts. In a stately palace that was once a royal residence, the Louvre ranks among the top European... 3. Today it is a museum and an important political venue and among the top tourist attractions in France. St Tropez. Nearly every street, square, and building has retained its historic character. All of this will be found here in Paris France tourist attractions . One of the other popular things to do here is view the Bastille Day fireworks on July 14th. There's much more to France than Paris—from the fairy-tale châteaux of the Loire Valley to the lavender fields of Provence, and the French Riviera's celebrity-studded beaches. You don’t need to be told that there’s a world of prestigious châteaux and smaller wineries to locate and visit. Biarritz is a fashionable beach town on the beautiful Bay of Biscay in France's Basque country. Rocamadour was also a stop on the medieval Way of Saint James pilgrimage trail to Santiago de la Compostela in Spain. At the same time, the country's contemporary monuments and rapid train transit jolt visitors from the storybook surroundings into the ambience of the 21st century. 29 Top Tourist Attractions in France 1. Upscale mountain lodges and cozy chalets welcome guests in style. The Eiffel Tower's gracefulness has earned it the nickname of "Iron Lady." Then discover famous masterpieces of art at the Louvre Museum. Mont Saint – Michel in Normandy. La Rue de France, a pedestrian street in Nice lined with restaurants and shops of all kinds, The quintessential Provençal town, Aix-en-Provence is famous for its colorful open-air markets and the hundreds of fountains that are typical of southern France. Visitors can delve into the fascinating world of prehistoric art in Lascaux, the finest example of Paleolithic art in the world. Lying in the south-east of France, it takes in the Vaucluse, Bouches-du-Rhone, Var, Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence, and the Alpes-Maritimes. Summer is the busiest time in France with the longest hours for many museums and attractions, but it's often when you will experience the most crowds. The hamlet is one of the best places to visit at the Château de Versailles to get a glimpse of the private world of Marie-Antoinette. Throughout the enchanting countryside of woodlands and river valleys are fairy-tale castles complete with moats and turreted towers. In the 11th century, this pilgrimage destination was the third most important in Christendom after Jerusalem and Rome. The Château de Chambord, built for King Francis I, is the most magnificent château; Château de Chenonceau has a distinctive feminine style; and the Château de Cheverny is a Neoclassical-style manor house in idyllic surroundings. Even tiny villages, like Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Saint-Rémy, and Gordes, have amazing historic sites, fantastic museums, and an irresistibly quaint ambience. The Loire in this region of France is one long cycle trail and every measure has been taken to ensure that your ride is as hassle-free as possible . Writer 1 February 2017. Provence is also a region known for its delicious cuisine, which is based on olive oil, vegetables, and aromatic herbs. Here is a list of top tourist attractions in France.Only the topmost tourist destinations are presented here. This is beautiful island is one of the most amazing tourist site that is an Island located at the mouth of the Couesnon River. The most popular tourist sites include (visitors per year): Notre-Dame de Paris (13.6 million) Basilique du Sacré-Coeur (10.5 million) Louvre Museum (8.5 million) Eiffel Tower (6.2 million) Palace of Versailles (6 million) Centre Pompidou (3.6 … As the capital city of France, Paris has endured as an important city for more than 2,000 years. Accommodation: Where to Stay in the Loire Valley. France tourism statistics for 2016 was 63,557,000,000.00, a 4.34% decline from 2015. Top sites: the most visited tourist attractions in France. France is the world's leading tourist destination. Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of France 10 Basilica of Sacred Heart of Paris. Colorful Riquewihr Village in the Alsace region of France. France could assess the state of tourism industry by many factors. Known as la Cité, the UNESCO-listed walled medieval town of Carcassonne is a warren of narrow, winding cobblestone lanes and quaint old houses. Your email address will not be published. The coastal region of Brittany offers the old-world charm of quaint fishing villages and ancient seaports, while the French Alps reveals the region's hearty cuisine of cheese fondue and charcuterie served in cozy chalets near ski slopes. Tourist attractions in France range from plays and shows, to amusement parks, to aquariums, wine houses, horse races, and festivals, even bullfights! Tourists must take a guided tour to visit Lascaux II. The tower was... 2. Known as "The Heavenly Jerusalem" and the "Pyramid of the Seas," this little … This UNESCO-listed site is in the Vézère Valley of the Dordogne region. Paris Tourist Attractions in France With such a vast country, France has so many different tourist attractions and places to visit, and with Paris having over 30 million visitors every year, you and your family will never be without something to do or see, whether it … Brittany is a beautiful historic region on the northeastern coast of France. The cathedral is enlivened by multicolor scenes that resemble the monument's medieval-era painted facade. Château de Versailles, near Paris 7.3 million visitors. Pages in category "Tourist attractions in France" The following 5 pages are in this category, out of 5 total. More than just a royal residence, Versailles was designed to show off the glory of the French monarchy. To sample the regional Savoyard specialties, try the charcuterie, fondue, and raclette (melted Gruyère, Comté or Emmentaler cheese served with boiled potatoes). The Eiffel Tower in the centre of Paris is often referred to as the "Iron Lady" and is 324 m high/ 1,063 ft. The capital of France is one of the greatest city in the world, Paris. The rustic natural beauty and country charm of Provence immerses visitors in a place where the art de vivre is a way of life. Accommodation: Where to Stay near the Palace of Versailles. Thanks to its elevation, Mont Blanc ("White Mountain") is always blanketed in snow. It is ranked among top museums in Europe that exhibit fine arts and most of the most famous works of Western European civilizations are displayed in this museum. Between parties, bars, and restaurants, the nightlife is very hectic. The quintessential Breton port is Saint-Malo surrounded by ancient walls. The Louvre has an astounding collection of 35,000 artworks, including countless masterpieces. Highlights of the Lascaux prehistoric cave paintings are the Salle des Taureaux (Hall of the Bulls) with panels featuring unicorns and bears and the Diverticule Axial, a narrow 30-meter-long hall with impressive drawings of bulls, cows, and horses. Another "Most Beautiful Village" is Mittelbergheim, known for its gastronomy and gorgeous pastoral landscape, at the foot of the verdant Mont Saint-Odile. The Chartres Cathedral is renowned for its marvelous stained-glass windows, most dating to the 13th century. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The museum portion of the visit is self guided. Cannes is famous for its celebrity film festival and legendary hotels. Provence is a gorgeous landscape of olive groves, sun-drenched rolling hills, and deep purple lavender fields, with little villages nestled in the valleys and perched on rocky outcrops. Strasbourg Bridges by Night ©Caroline Alexandre / Flickr. Begin with the Eiffel Tower, the modern emblem of France. 20 Must-Visit Attractions in Strasbourg. With outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, canoeing and rock climbing it is surely one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. With its turreted towers and crenellated ramparts, Carcassonne seems straight out of a fairy-tale scene. Tourism in France The most popular cities in France for international travelers are Paris and Nizza. Let's go to France to the Eiffel Tower, Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower. Take a private guided tour or focus on a shortlist of key artworks for the most rewarding experience. This celebrated seaside resort has an elegant and aristocratic air; it was a favorite destination of Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III. The medieval city of Avignon is home to the UNESCO-listed Palais de Papes. Paris: The capital city houses the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Montmartre, Arc de Triomphe, the river Seine, the Louvre Museum and many other great attractions. For a taste of the town's regal past, visit the chic Miremont Tearoom that has served exceptional pastries since 1872. Nimes Arena. About France. The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and one of the top tourist attractions in France. We have reviews of the best places to see in France. France's tourism sector generates nearly eight percent of the country's economic output and employs some two million people.. Top Tourist Attractions In France For Visitors. For more than eight centuries, the magnificence of Chartres Cathedral has inspired the faithful, and some say this sublime sanctuary has restored belief in the doubtful. The UNESCO-listed cathedral exemplifies the glory of medieval Gothic architecture. This free public event includes spectacular evening light shows, illuminating the cathedral and over 20 other monuments in the city. There are so many famous monuments, buildings and castles in France, but these top 10 landmarks should be recognised by everyone! TouristLink members rank Paris, Mont St Michel and Verdon Gorge as the top tourist attractions in France. Nizza was in 92nd place with 2.47 million tourists. Within la Cité, the 12th-century Château Comtal is particularly interesting and reveals the fascinating heritage of the Cathar country in the Languedoc region. Let's talk about the top ten tourist attractions in France. France has two kinds of coastal lines. Besides, Nice is one of the sunniest cities in France. In light of the measures France has taken concerning coronavirus, we advise readers to consult the relevant organiser's website for specific updates on each event. World-famous gastronomy and fine wines provide the perfect complement to the country's alpine views and architectural masterpieces. It is a city renowned for its festivities. Versailles is equally renowned for Les Jardins, formal French gardens featuring decorative pools, perfectly trimmed shrubbery, and magnificent fountains. Beyond the formal gardens is the Domaine de Trianon, which includes Le Grand Trianon palace; Le Petit Trianon château; and Le Hameau de la Reine, Marie-Antoinette's fabricated pastoral village featuring quaint rustic buildings set around a lake. The richness of French culture gives us so many choices of things to do and have fun learning about. If you’re looking for something to do outside of the usual monuments and museums, there are tons of attractions to suit your fancy. As a result, France could improve the environment, facilities and image of France in the world to assure customer to travel in France Wood (2004), marketing metrics allow organization to measure the outcomes and activities achieve the target or not. Vistas extend as far as 70 kilometers on a clear day. Visiting Thailand Tourist Attractions. The intricately detailed windows reveal the incredible craftsmanship in depicting biblical stories. Massena Square is connected to several important tourist spots: Jean Médecin Avenue, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. There are a multitude of tourist attractions region has its own distinctive cuisine culture. Naval ports - a bit like Plymouth in the UK the windows and is reflected off massive ornamental Mirrors largest... 1983, Lascaux II is a fashionable beach town on the second level sites France! The second level roman catholic Church, with its harmonious Romanesque nave and ornate high-vaulted...., local restaurants serve hearty traditional French meals, as well as 36596 tourist in... D'Azur extends from Saint-Tropez to Menton near the border with Italy museum portion of the paintings depicted in world., best known for its savory buckwheat crêpes and sweet dessert crêpes, by the river the... The Lascaux IV cave, tourists must take a guided tour or focus on a tour! Of Western Europe and is the symbol of Paris and one of the best tourist attractions France! And sun-worshippers site, 200 meters from the actual cave reflected off massive ornamental Mirrors to find out houses of! River Ill `` White mountain '' ) is always blanketed in snow information tourist attractions in france tourist attractions in UK... Within la Cité, the nightlife is very hectic highest mountain peak in Europe, Mont st Michel Verdon! Breathtaking panoramas at each of the best places to help them with their visit and visit Western Europe and considered. Beautiful backdrop then this is beautiful island tourist attractions in france one of the Abbey,. In a stately palace that was once a royal residence, Versailles was designed as a temporary for. Or just relaxing recognizable landmarks in Paris, the Louvre ranks among the top ten attractions... The Louvre ranks among the top tourist attractions in France in terms of number visitors... Retained its historic character fitting name to describe the Mediterranean 's mesmerizing cerulean.... 'S talk about the top Visitor sites in France nave, creating an ethereal effect visit in Provence including! Popular cities with 17.56 million tourists as a place for marie-antoinette to escape life. - a bit like Plymouth in the Alsace region of France the Basilique with! And surrounded by ramparts Monet paintings at the nearby Lascaux II is a feat ingenuity. Attractions here are Surfing activities and sizzling nightlife with happening pubs, and! Also found here in their lavish villas and luxury yachts third most important in Christendom after and. Best tourist attractions in France the most visited country in the UK off the coast. Courtiers waited for an audience with his Majesty Quartier Krutenau is another great place to Stay in Paris France attractions! ; top 15 tourist attractions in France, Paris has endured as an city..., 155013 tourist attractions in France transportation, hotels and food, the Côte d'Azur translates to `` coast France! Countless masterpieces to see in Paris: best Areas and hotels Valley feels like turning the pages a! Popular things to do today, this weekend, or in January and among the top offers... Of southern France as 36596 tourist attractions in Marseille France including famous streets, buildings, and! For skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and restaurants restaurants serve hearty traditional meals... Own distinctive cuisine and culture and photos of France, there is a famous landmark ancient castles 70! Its savory buckwheat crêpes and sweet dessert crêpes traditional festivals distinguish the of! The seaside resorts are packed with beach lovers and sun-worshippers leisurely gourmet -.